Vikkstar and NICKMERCS send warning to Warzone devs over hacking problem

Jacob Hale
Nickmercs and Vikkstar Warzone

[jwplayer gd7BhumN]Popular Warzone content creators Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn and Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff are reaching the end of their tether with the abundance of hackers in the game.

Cheating in Warzone is nothing new; they’ve been evident ever since the game launched and, despite steps taken from Infinity Ward and Activision to find and ban hackers, the problem continues to persist.

With many in the community really starting to lose patience, it’s becoming even tougher for the Warzone devs as top YouTubers and streamers are now calling them out and asking for changes to be made — really piling the pressure on.

Warzone hacker red box
Warzone hacks allow players to track enemies through walls and have no recoil, among other things.

Tweeting during his MFAM Gauntlet Warzone tournament on July 22, NICKMERCS tweeted out that “hackers might actually ruin Warzone,” adding that they “really felt that sh*t” on the day.

This isn’t a new complaint, and you regularly see the bigger personalities in the CoD scene calling out hackers or addressing the issue, but it is more concerning when the MFAM Gauntlet is actually backed by Activision.

Nick wasn’t the only person having a rough day of things, though, as Vikkstar’s July 21 YouTube upload also addressed the issue, saying that he’s sending footage to the Warzone devs in hopes that something gets done.

In the video, you can see the footage of Vikk and his teammates facing a team of blatant hackers: tracking them through walls, spin-botting and automatically snapping onto their heads.

Timestamp 12:30

As Vikk says at the start of the video, if you watch or play a lot of Warzone, you’ll know how regular an occurrence this is, and even the best players in the world are desperate for the devs to do something about it.

There’s hasn’t been a big update on the state of hacking in Warzone for a while, but the situation is clearly getting out of hand and Infinity Ward will want to try and get a grasp on the issue before it’s too late.