Vanguard Zombies exploit instantly reloads weapons with broken pause feature

elite enemy wielding a mini gun in cod vanguard zombiesActivision

The highly requested pause feature has landed in Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies and, along with a couple of caveats, the function seems to be giving players an ammo exploit to continually moe down Zombies.

It’s taken a few months, but Vanguard Zombies is starting to resemble the classic undead experience that long-time fans know and love. Along with the new Wonder Weapons and Terra Maledicta Easter Egg, players have a decent amount of content to sink their teeth into.

One of the biggest new additions to CoD Zombies in Vanguard is the ability to pause a live Solo game. Due to the new infrastructure of Zombies, dedicated servers have given the devs a headache in how to handle pausing but they figured it out.

Despite the new feature not being implemented completely how players would like, it has actually, unintentionally, arrived with another side effect.

playing firing ray gun in cod zombiesActivision
You could potentially keep firing your Ray Gun until its ammo resources are depleted.

Unlimited ammo clip glitch in CoD Vanguard Zombies

Due to unknown reasons, potentially due to some kind of desync process caused by the server pausing, it appears as if players enjoying the game Solo can perform uninterrupted reloads, giving them a constant stream of bullets.

Redditor Adventurous_Ad6435 showed off the discovery en-route to completing one of Vanguard Zombies’ objectives. While trying to fight off a hoard of flesh-eating undead, the player was in the process of reloading the large mag for their MG 42.

During the animation, they paused the game, unpaused it, and even though the animation was about to continue, a cursory glance of the weapon’s ammo counter would show that it was now back up to full capacity.

The already frosty reception to Vanguard’s new pause button was further underlined by some spicy comments to the newest glitch: “I’m amazed they keep trying to fix this mess,” said one user.

Whereas other players appear to have lost complete patience with the game: “The game is in f**king shambles, hurts my brain when I realize people actually try to defend Vanguard.”

Unlike most other glitches and bugs in Vanguard, this one could be a bit dicier to fix, and we’ll keep checking to see if Treyarch acknowledges the issue.