How to get Wonder Weapons in Vanguard Zombies: Ray Gun & Decimator

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firing a ray gun in cod zombies

After a delayed introduction, Vanguard Zombies players can now get their hands on Wonder Weapons. So far, there are two very different ones to use, the Ray Gun and the Decimator Shield.

CoD Zombies players have been fairly dissatisfied with Vanguard’s content so far. On separate occasions, fans have described the game’s Zombies content as “unplayable” and “a slap in the face,” but Treyarch are desperately trying to make amends.

Season 2 feels like the proper beginning of Vanguard Zombies, despite no proper round-based map yet. The game has Pack-A-Punch camos, quite a few areas and objectives, a new Easter Egg quest, and of course the long-awaited arrival of Wonder Weapons.

It does seem baffling that Vanguard Zombies didn’t even launch with a Ray Gun, but it has one now, along with other fun gadgets to play with.


ray gun and decimator shield
Wonder Weapons should freshen up Vanguard’s formula.

What Wonder Weapons does Vanguard Zombies have?

The Season 2 update for Vanguard and Warzone has added a Ray Gun and the Decimator Shield.

More are expected to be added as the seasons and content drops progress, so we’ll update this whenever new ones drop.

Ray Gun

This is quite simply Vanguard’s version of the classic Wonder Weapon that has been in every version of CoD Zombies. It already starts out as an insanely powerful laser-firing pistol, and it becomes progressively faster and more deadly with Pack-A-Punch upgrades.

Decimator Shield

A new entry into the storied lore of Call of Duty’s Zombies. The Decimator Shield acts very similarly to the game’s usual Combat Shield, but with the added benefit of having a powerful explosive blast that can do some serious damage.

operator aiming and firing ray gun in vanguard zombies
It’s good to see you again old friend.

How to get the Ray Gun in Vanguard Zombies

There are several different methods to obtain Vanguard’s two Wonder Weapons, with some being more traditional than others. How you opt to go for them is up to you, but they are definitely worth trying to get.

This is how you can obtain Der Anfang and Terra Maledicta’s Wonder Weapons.

Mystery Box

The good ol’ fashioned Mystery Box. Gambling some of your hard-earned points in the hope that the mysterious wooden box spits out a top-tier weapon for you to use, or inevitably a Sniper Rifle. There’s now a chance for players to claim a Ray Gun from the Mystery Box locations you can find scattered around the maps.

Loot Drop

As you’re playing games of Der Anfang and Terra Maledicta, you’ll find yourself running into tons of Elite enemies. Killing them has the chance to drop some special items, one of which can be a Ray Gun if you’re lucky enough.

Also, make sure you’re smashing all crystals and opening all loot boxes that you find too.

Terra Maledicta Easter Egg

Upon completion of the Terra Maledicta Easter Egg, players will be showered with a litany of goodies: including rare weapons and Killstreaks. Meaning there’s every chance that the Ray Gun could be a free drop, or even be located inside one of the loot chests it drops.

decimator shield in cod zombies
The Decimator Shield plays a vital role in the Terra Maledicta Easter Egg.

How to get the Decimator Shield in Vanguard Zombies

The only way to obtain the Decimator Shield at present is by completing many of the steps on the road to finishing the Terra Maledicta Easter Egg.

We’ve provided a full Easter Egg guide here with detailed steps on how to do it, but here’s a quick summary on how you can gain possession of it:

  1. Unlock the map’s locations and locate the Decimator Shield to initiate its story details
  2. Head to the ‘Demonic Frenzy’ fountain, turn behind you, and interact with the rune in the camp
  3. Head into the blue portal that opens up and complete the objective
  4. You now have to shoot four, large glowing yellow crystals in Terra Maledicta’s main hub
  5. Go to the ‘Bazaar’, and inside you’ll find another rune to interact with
  6. Jump straight into the newly opened portal and finish the ‘Sacrifice’ objective
  7. You can now go and collect the Decimator Shield

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