New SMG Armaguerra 43 is 100% silent in Vanguard due to bizarre bug

Vanguard character with Armaguerra 43 and dogsActivision

The Armaguerra 43 is a brand new SMG in Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded, but players have already uncovered a bizarre bug where the gun becomes completely silent when firing.

One of the marquee additions to CoD Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded is the Armaguerra 43, a serious contender to the MP40 and Welgun in the SMG meta. Players were understandably excited to jump into multiplayer after its launch are start trying it out.

But shortly after the weapon was made available in-game, users quickly discovered that all was not well. As has been the case with Vanguard throughout its lifespan so far, the new SMG is being hit by an unusual glitch.

Players are reporting that the Armaguerra 43’s audio is bugged, making it completely silent when firing.

Vanguard player using Armaguerra 43Activision
The Armaguerra 43 is a brand new SMG for Season 2 Reloaded.

Vanguard attachment bug makes Armaguerra 43 completely silent

This strange issue appears to rear its head when players equip the SMG with a silencer. Rather than just suppressing the sound to keep it hidden from the radar, it mutes the audio altogether no matter how long they hold the trigger down for.

Reddit user LLlMIT uploaded a video showing the glitch in action during a multiplayer match on Das Haus. While the rest of the game’s audio worked as intended, every bullet that left their gun had no sound accompanying it.

What makes this even stranger is that the sound effects for hit markers still played loud and clear, and you could hear the wood being chipped away when they fired at a door.

Another clip posted by Reddit user boxx_4 showed the vast difference between the Armaguerra 43 with a silencer vs. without. In a private match on Shipment, the player fired the gun without a silencer and you could hear the sound working as intended.

As soon as they switched to a suppressed loadout, the audio droppeded out again, leaving an eerie silence over the map.

Based on the second clip here, there’s no doubt that the silencer is the cause of the new SMGs sound issues, however, it’s impossible to tell if the glitch has any effect on opposing players being shot at.

It’s unfortunate to see such a fundamental issue so soon after the Armaguerra 43 launched in Vanguard, but the good news is that the gun is still useable if you can ignore the lack of sound.

There’s no sign of the glitch on Sledgehammer Games’ official Trello board as of yet. But the devs usually don’t take too long to address problems like this, so hopefully we’ll see a fix in the coming days.