CoD Vanguard Zombies: How to complete Terra Maledicta Easter Egg

terra maledicta in cod zombiesActivision

Vanguard Zombies’ Terra Maledicta map represents the game’s first Easter Egg, and if players complete it then they will earn lots of amazing rewards — including the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon.

Despite a wildly indifferent launch period, Vanguard Zombies is now finally starting to pick up. A ton of fresh content, including Wonder Weapons, has been added with the Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 update, with even more stuff on the way.

One of the most sought-after updates that players have been craving was some form of Easter Egg / Main Quest mission. Thankfully, players now have one to play for during a game of the new Terra Maledicta map.

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player firing ray gunActivision
The Easter Egg is definitely one the easier in the series.

Terra Maledicta Easter Egg: How to unlock the Decimator Shield

As with every other Call of Duty Easter Egg, Terra Maledicta’s comes with a convoluted series of steps in order to finish it. But doing so will reap some handsome rewards, including the new Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon.

Here’s how you can complete the Terra Maledicta Easter Egg:

  1. Firstly, get to Round 3 and begin the objective in the ‘Temple’ area
  2. Complete it and locate the Decimator Shield in the ‘Merchant Road’ area to initiate story details
  3. Once your player has acknowledged the request, go forth and complete objectives to unlock all the map’s areas
  4. After this, head to the ‘Demonic Frenzy’ fountain (green one), turn behind you, walk in a straight line, and interact with the mysterious, smoking rune
  5. Head into the blue portal that opens up and complete the ‘Purge’ objective round
  6. The map will now have four, large glowing yellow crystals for you to find and shoot
  7. When this is done, go to the ground floor of the ‘Bazaar’, and inside you’ll find another rune to interact with
  8. Jump straight into the newly opened green portal and finish the ‘Sacrifice’ mission
  9. You can now claim the Decimator Shield
  10. With it in your possession, make your way to ‘Debris Field’ and next to a wooden platform connecting two rocks you’ll see another rune
  11. Interact with it and enter the final portal
  12. During the ‘Void’ objective you’re tasked with, you’ll now have to use the Decimator Shield’s explosive ‘Decimator Blast’ ability to destroy the 4 connector’s to the floating tome
  13. Press to interact with the ‘Tome Page,’ and you’ll be transported back to the main hub area
  14. Collect all the loot and go about the rest of your game!
ray gun and decimator shieldActivision
A ray gun would certainly help you complete the Easter Egg faster.

What do you get for completing the Easter Egg?

Players who successfully complete the Easter Egg will be rewarded with a huge stack of loot that includes Salvage, Rare Weapons, Points, Chests, Killstreaks, Armor, and Equipment.

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As well as being a fun distraction, if you’re chasing a lengthy run and trying to tackle as many rounds as you can, then this will be a great help to speed up your Pack-A-Punch upgrades – amongst other things.