CoD Vanguard players slam Sledgehammer over lack of regular updates to fix bugs

Vanguard character shooting with logoActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have hit out at developers Sledgehammer Games over the lack of regular updates to the 2021 title, despite the amount of bugs and glitches it continues to suffer from. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard, despite the extra year given to Sledgehammer Games while Treyarch launched Black Ops Cold War, has received strictly mixed feedback since its release back in late 2021.

There have been suggestions that Activision has been unimpressed with the title and its problems and, despite now being nearly 6 months old, plenty of bugs and glitches remain prevalent in Vanguard multiplayer.

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Players, naturally, are becoming disgruntled with the issues and calling on Sledgehammer to do more to solve the problems. However, according to many players, they seem to be acting far too infrequently for the amount of bugs in the game.

vanguard mp40Sledgehammer Games
Vanguard has received mixed feedback from players.

The calls were highlighted in a post by player ‘Qwayze_‘ on Reddit, who said: “We shouldn’t have to wait for a ‘season update’ for basic fixes.”

They claimed that given the prevalence of bugs and glitches in Vanguard’s multiplayer, the lack of regular smaller updates to fix the bugs is frustrating. Frequent updates designed to improve the overall quality of life of Vanguard would be massively beneficial.

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The Redditor continued: “I bet if the store was broken we wouldn’t have to wait for the ‘reloaded’ update until that was fixed. What is with all this ‘fix scheduled’ bullsh*t on the Trello board, release it as soon as. I shouldn’t have to wait two weeks until a season update for things that have been finished in the dev studio to be released. It’s just an excuse”.

Plenty of others echoed the sentiment of the post, with one making a comparison to Elden Ring, a game that launched approximately a month ago and has received four patches designed to improve its core gameplay and fix issues.

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Sledgehammer’s Trello board is dedicated to clarifying the problems the devs are investigating but, as the Reddit post illustrates, some fans think it’s still not enough.