Vanguard & Warzone aim assist finally being fixed after months of unknown issues

Warzone player holding gun in Caldera tower with Warzone logo in top right cornerActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard developers Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that there’s a fix incoming for the aim assist glitch that has plagued the game since launch — and it means aim assist changes coming to Warzone, too.

The Vanguard aim assist glitch has been affecting matches for months, to the point that even Call of Duty League pros have called each other out for abusing the glitch in official league matches.

While it was a huge problem that both casual and competitive players alike were annoyed about when it came to Vanguard, it turns out the problem also arose in Warzone too after the Pacific integration and introduction of Caldera.

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Fortunately, that issue has been addressed, and Warzone devs Raven Software are working on a fix.

Warzone character posing with sniper in CalderaActivision
Aim assist changes are coming to Warzone, too.

On March 22, alongside the Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded patch notes, Sledgehammer announced a fix coming for the aim assist glitch and went on to write a thread of tweets explaining the aim-assist problem and what they’re doing to put it right.

“Today, we are optimistic we have fixed a bug that caused Aim Assist to intermittently deactivate while engaging an enemy player,” the tweet thread started. “In certain scenarios, the system was left to assume that no player was visible, which meant that Aim Assist could deactivate multiple times in a single engagement.”

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Raven Software later confirmed that they discovered aim assist issues within Warzone after collaborating with Sledgehammer.

“Collaborating with our friends [Sledgehammer Games] helped us identify an issue with Aim Assist,” they said. “In the coming weeks, we’ll release a fix for this issue in Warzone.”

The Warzone Pacific update has had its fair share of detractors and complainants since launching, especially since it was such a major departure from Verdansk and the game that people were used to.

Raven have communicated this issue well, though, and been open about fixing aim assist in Warzone. It’s unclear whether that will come soon, though, or if players might even have to wait until Season 3.

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