Vanguard Zombies players angry with new “2 hour” pause feature announcement

cod zombies attacking playerActivision

CoD Zombies players have responded to Treyarch’s new pause feature announcement with much ridicule and condemnation, saying the Vanguard addition is the “laziest content yet for Zombies.”

It’s not often a developer announces that players can pause the game, several months after it launched, but that’s what Treyarch have done with Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Zombies mode. It’s the first-ever Call of Duty Zombies title to not launch with a Solos pause feature, and the initial realization was shocking to fans.

But after promising that a pause feature would be implemented at some point, it has finally launched. However, many Vanguard Zombies fans are in disbelief at the announcement for a variety of different reasons.

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player holding cod zombies artifact in vanguardActivision
We think this was the face most players pulled when they realized the game didn’t launch with a pause feature.

Vanguard Zombies fans pause for thought

Fans being unhappy with the Vanguard’s attempt at Zombies is nothing new as they’ve been very outspoken about the state of the popular game mode since launch.

Lacking content, barebones updates, the game has seen it all. But the lack of a pause feature for solo games was mystifying to many, but it did have a reason. Vanguard Zombies is the first instance of undead-killing taking place on dedicated servers, meaning the game can’t be paused.

Yet, Treyarch have been able to implement some kind of delay thanks to Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded.

But, the basicness of the feature has left Zombies fans criticizing the devs for announcing something that should’ve been in from the start. “Bruh, this has always been in these modes since day 1, why is this an announcement of an exciting new feature? What a joke.” said one player.

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Another thing that’s majorly bothering players with the pause feature is the fact that games can only be paused for 2 hours. Activision confirmed: “Players in Solo matches and single-player Private matches will be able to pause for up to two hours collectively per match on dedicated servers.”
Two different Reddit posts both dissected the announcement and lamented the short pause window. Mundoschristmas said: “only for 2 hours, love how they just brush past that!” whereas another user commented: “This has to be the laziest content yet for zombies, an absolute f**king p*ss take imo, no real content at all. They are 100% going to drip feed the f**k out of this game, you can guarantee they spend more time on the bundles!”
The fun for a lot of players is finding a consistent method to complete rounds of Zombies, rack up a large amount of them, pause the game, leave it on overnight, and resume the game the day after. A 2-hour window still won’t let players clock up ridiculously high rounds of Zombies.

With this being the first test of a pause feature for dedicated servers, there’s every chance it could be tinkered with in the future to be more accommodating to Vanguard Zombies players seeking marathon games.