CoD players furious over “perfect” camo grinding playlist added to Vanguard over MW2

The classic Call of Duty map Shipment in MW2 2022.Activision

Call of Duty players are outraged over the ideal camo-grinding playlist being added to Vanguard instead of MW2.

The Call of Duty franchise’s camo grind is a significant feature in every game. Each new iteration of the game brings a unique opportunity to load up into public matches, grab some friends, and tackle all of the required challenges to unlock the game’s best weapon skins.

It gives players something to strive for and adds an element of challenge to the gameplay that’s not found in the normal loop.

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However, there are a ton of them to complete for those who are after the precious Orion camo in MW2, so when a game type popped up that would make things a lot less difficult, fans were heartbroken to hear that it was a Vanguard exclusive.

Call of Duty fans slam the decision to add “perfect” camo grinding mode to Vanguard instead of MW2

As highlighted by the Toronto Ultra of the Call of Duty League, No Limits Shipment is a new addition to Call of Duty Vanguard that increases the time limit of several modes on the classic map.

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For those out of the loop, Shipment’s tiny design and brutally-fast gameplay make it an ideal pick for camo hunters as they never waste time getting the kills needed to complete each new journey step.

The classic drawback to the map is that games end far too fast for people to make significant progress without playing multiple games in a row, so this new extended version would give them more of a chance to get in the zone and start checking things off their list.

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However, the mode being a Vanguard exclusive has left players scratching their heads or raising their fists since it means they’re stuck doing things the old-fashioned way. At the same time, their Vanguard counterparts get to reap the rewards of Shipment’s extended high-octane gameplay.

One player was left in total disbelief over the decision, calling it “moronic” not to bring it to the newest game in the series.

“No one even plays Vanguard anymore,” they complained. “These devs are always on some bulls***t…”

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Another commenter joked that Infinity Ward would “never” let them have a playlist as fun as this one.

There’s no telling if this, or any other similar playlists, will touchdown in MW2 in the near future, but it’s clear that there is plenty of demand from the community.