JGOD claims Warzone devs need to fix simple bugs before players quit

Jaret Kappelman
JGOD claims Warzone devs need to fix simple bugs before players quit
Activision / JGOD

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific set out to bring in an abundance of new players to the game. However, JGOD thinks people will stop playing if some issues aren’t resolved.

On December 8, 2021, Warzone players were greeted with a new era to the battle royale, introducing a new map, over 40 weapons, and a battle pass.

Despite all these new features, the game has been plagued with glitches and game-breaking bugs such as audio issues, and FPS problems.

Warzone guru JGOD believes if the devs don’t get on this immediately, then people will leave and stop playing.

airfield POI in warzone pacific
Warzone players have run into many issues on Caldera and JGOD thinks they need to be resolved.

JGOD thinks Warzone players will quit if issues aren’t fixed 

There will always be bugs in a video game but players are getting fed up with all the small things that keep adding up on Caldera.

In a YouTube video, JGOD breaks down some of the biggest problems in Warzone, that if left unsolved, will cause the player base to diminish.

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One of the largest issues that have been around since the beginning of Caldera is the loud ambient noise on the map. Planes can be heard from miles away but sound like they are directly overhead.

JGOD also brings up camo challenges and how that aspect of the game is still bugged and not tracking despite a month of the Vanguard ones being available.

Another key aspect he mentions of a FOV slider for console players but that has been an issue for well over 18 months now. On top of that, there’s a glitch on next-gen consoles that locks players FPS at 60 when it should be 120.

Nonetheless, JGOD thinks these are just some of the simple issues that make up a larger problem in Warzone and will drive people away.