Vanguard devs remove Dead Drop field upgrade after easy killstreak glitch returns

. 1 month ago
flamenaut using flamethrower killstreak in cod vanguard

Dead Drop has long been the Field Equipment of choice for many Vanguard players, but players are scratching their heads as it appears Sledgehammer Games has temporarily disabled the useful ability.

A few interesting notes are headed Vanguard’s way thanks to the Season 3 Reloaded patch notes which have revealed Serpentine is set for an interesting buff, as well as the arrival of the H4 Blixen SMG to shake up the meta.

Something that players have noticed though is that the Dead Drop Field upgrade is now no longer available for selection. For many players, this has come without warning and they are seeking an explanation, and we have it below.

Dead Drop unavailable for Vanguard loadout

Sledgehammer Games announced after the patch notes were dropped that they would be disabling Dead Drop due to “an active exploit involving Killstreaks in Vanguard.”

Not everyone follows weekly patch notes and announcements, so it’s understandable that this decision would’ve gone under the radar for some.

SHG’s explanation for disabling Dead Drop seems a bit ambiguous though, only mentioning that it pertains to Killstreaks. However, one Reddit user has come up with a reasonable, and very familiar solution to its removal from Vanguard.

khai115_2 said: “They disabled it cause the bug where it let you keep streaks over and over came back again.”

For those unaware, Dead Drop had an infamous glitch in the game’s early days in which you could pretty much get unlimited Killstreaks, including the game’s top-tier ones.

One irate commenter said: “I f**king knew this was happening again. I had a hunch the other day due to some ridiculous back-to-back Killstreaks someone had on my team.”

This drew the ire of frustrated players who became tired of getting bombarded with constant Killstreak during every game, leading to it being disabled and the glitch fixed. We fully expect the same to happen here and Dead Drop will be reverted to its default state.

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