Unlucky Warzone camper proves some attachments aren’t good for hiding

Theo Salaun. Last updated: May 02, 2022
warzone camper call of duty

Some Call of Duty: Warzone players like to camp. Others like to play aggressively. And, as one poor victim found out, some gun attachments are better suited to the aggro players.

Warzone has a lot of different weaponry to suit a variety of playstyles. Campers are known for snipers, shotguns, and claymores — while aggressive players prefer their SMGs and throwing knives.

But there’s variety among the attachments too. (And there probably will be even more once Vanguard introduces its… 10 attachment slots.)

One such attachment is a dead giveaway for players who hope to hide and camp in secrecy. So, after killing one such blissfully unaware sneakster, a Redditor decided to give campers some advice.

Warzone campers shouldn’t use flashlight attachments

It’s very simple advice really, but it’s good to see it in action. ‘DefunctHunk_COD’ was scanning their environment when they noticed something odd. There was a little barrier with a bright, round light moving around.

So they decided to beam (pun intended) the bush to the barrier’s side. And, presumably to the bush camper’s surprise, DefunctHunk_COD got the easiest kill of their career.

While it did take a little investigative work and awareness, the flashlight most certainly made things simple. So Defunct gave Reddit some counsel: “If you plan on camping a buy station by hiding in a bush, at least put away your Tiger Team Spotlight.”

IceManIsaac AK-74u loadout
YouTube, IceManIsaac
The Tiger Team Spotlight attachment is very popular in Warzone.

Of JGOD’s 10 favorite Warzone Season 6 loadouts, five use the Tiger Team Spotlight. It’s an attachment that provides a ton of mobility, so many players enjoy it on SMG and mobile AR builds.

But, as this unlucky victim proved, mobility attachments might not be for everybody. If you intend on hiding, maybe opt for a flashlight. Or, if you’re forced into hiding, maybe switch to your other gun if you want to maintain an illusion of stealth.

Someone in the Reddit replies summed it all up perfectly: “You don’t need an improved movement attachment if you ain’t moving.”