Warzone pro reveals how to win Showers Gulag “99.9%” of the time

warzone call of duty gulag 1v1Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone streamer LuckyChamu is a tournament-winner and master of the Gulag. As such, he’s given some pro tips to win the OG (or “Showers”) Gulag that is back in Verdansk for Season 6.

The Gulag is possibly the scariest place in all of Warzone. It might even be the reason why so many people prefer Rebirth Island’s Resurgence modes these days.

But, like much in life, the Gulag is more fun when you’re winning. And LuckyChamu wants his viewers to have fun so he’s come up with some tips for winning the OG Gulag. Although his “99.9%” guarantee might be difficult to match, the advice is still helpful.

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For his video, Lucky goes through a few different areas of Gulag 1v1s. From different map variations to lines of sight (LOS) and goolie loadouts, the streamer covers how best to strategize and secure the W.

Positioning tips to win Warzone’s OG Gulag: Lanes and flag pressure

Original Warzone respawn Gulag.Activision
One of the Showers Gulags has a clear LOS down the middle.

There are three variations of the Showers Gulag: two with center cover and one with an open lane down the middle. For all three, Lucky recommends trying to establish center control but being wary of your enemy’s “right-hand side advantage.”

If you can play it patiently and establish LOS on both sides from the middle, then you can deny your foe’s angles if they’re overaggressive.

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Additionally, if you control the center then you’re closer to the flag. Once the timer ticks down, that puts pressure on the opponent since they need to come to you if they want to avoid you capping the flag in overtime.

Past those rudimentary tips, the streamer also recommends that you don’t over-peek angles. 

Loadout tips to win Warzone’s OG Gulag: Guns and strategies

You can see the positioning tips in the video, but he also blends them with loadout tips for Season 6. Pistols and shotguns require finessing, where you peek and re-challenge from different spots. Conversely, ARs and LMGs allow you to hold lanes and play corners, pre-firing for full kills.

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With SMGs, you want to play faster. As Lucky shows, if you hit your jumps then your crosshair is more likely to hit their head and torso while theirs hits your lower half for lower damage — thereby winning 50/50 fights.

As shown by another pro, WarsZ, using verticality in the Gulag can be very helpful.

Loadout tips to win Warzone’s OG Gulag: Equipment

And lastly, be aware of your equipment and use it proactively. With stuns and flashes, you should check a different angle after throwing them since the hitmarker will let you know if they’re near where you threw it.

If you do get a hitmarker, “do not approach that person from the same POV that they’re looking or the same spot where you stunned them.”

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Overall, Lucky has a variety of tips that are specific to each Gulag scenario and loadout. But, if you want to win and get back to your teammates as soon as possible, being aware of these central tenets is vital.