Underrated Cold War LMG tops Warzone win charts after UGM-8 nerf

MG 82 being used in Cold WarActivision

The MG 82 dominated Warzone’s long-range-meta in Season 4, and the Cold War LMG is back and better than ever in Season 5.

Warzone’s final weapon balancing patch drastically shook up the game’s meta. The developers focused on addressing Warzone’s long-range meta in Season 5, which meant nerfing the game’s top weapons.

The UGM-8 LMG reigned supreme in mid to long-range engagements, killing faster than most top-tier weapons. The overpowering LMG was the third most selected weapon in Warzone during season 4 and boasted the game’s best K/D ratio.

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Raven Software responded accordingly by nerfing the UGM-8 in Season 5 Reloaded, ending its short run in the spotlight. With a void to fill in the LMG class, the MG 82 reclaimed its spot last as the top choice.

UGM 82 ranked as highest winning weapon

According to WZ Ranked, the MG 82 has a win percentage of 6.23% and a respectable 1.22 K/D ratio. However, the LMG is only selected .4% of the time, ranking among the bottom half of weapons.

LMGs don’t usually jump off the page as must-select weapons in Warzone, but the MG 82 has all the makings of an underrated gem that needs more attention.

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The MG 82 shines in medium or long-range combat. Like most LMGs, the weapon sufferers from weak mobility and harder-to-handle recoil, but its devastating damage output more than makes up for it.

The MG 82 was introduced way back during Black Ops Cold War but still competes with Warzone’s top weapons.

LMGs are perfect for dealing with squads of enemies, and the MG 82 is no different, offering a massive 125-round magazine.

Check out our best MG 82 loadout and give one of the game’s most underrated weapons a try for yourself.

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