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Treyarch ‘Testing’ Split Screen Capability for Blackout in Black Ops 4

Published: 5/Sep/2018 14:54

by Calum Patterson


Split screen could be coming to Call of Duty’s much anticipated battle royale mode, Blackout, according to design lead David Vonderhaar.

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Blackout will be Call of Duty’s first foray into battle royale, advancing on the popularity of games like PUBG and Fortnite, but it will be crucial that CoD stands out from the increasingly saturated genre.

Split screen is becoming more and more of a legacy feature, as online multiplayer has taken over and playing with friends physically in the same room has somewhat become a thing of the past.

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CoD’s standard multiplayer hasn’t featured split screen capability on next gen consoles, but Vonderhaar has confirmed they are ‘testing it now’, for Blackout specifically.


Speaking to Game Informer, Vonderhaar said it is “very feasible” to have split screen in Blackout, however when asked to clarify further, he was reluctant, simply affirming that it is being tested.

“Very feasible, I don’t know yet, testing it now.”

In a lengthy interview answering hundreds of quick fire questions, lots of new details were revealed about Blackout, but it is clear that it is still a mode very much in the development stage.

GameInformerOne of the teaser images released by Treyarch for Blackout
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There was a lot of information to take in during the interview that this point on split screen may have been lost amongst the conversation, but it is a notable consideration from Treyarch.

Split screen has been used in Treyarch’s Zombie modes extensively, and if it makes an appearance in Blackout, it may also be possible in standard multiplayer too.


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