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CoD: Black Ops 4 ‘Blackout’ Mode Will Feature Interactive Zombies and Zombie Loot

Published: 5/Sep/2018 1:21 Updated: 5/Sep/2018 1:25

by Albert Petrosyan


It has been revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s ‘Blackout’ mode will feature Zombies and special Zombie loot.

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GameInformer, who were given early access to CoD’s upcoming battle royale mode on September 4, revealed there will be AI controlled Zombies that players will be able to interact with and eliminate.

In fact, this feature of Blackout was described by GameInformer as “the most immediately noticeable detail” of the mode.

“However, the most immediately noticeable detail is that Blackout features A.I.-controlled undead foes designed to introduce even more chaos into this hectic free-for-all.”

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It appears that the Zombies in Blackout will have the main purpose of causing chaos and mayhem, and their role will not be integral since interacting and/or eliminating them will be optional and not necessary for getting a match victory.

However, players who do take the time to kill Zombies will be able to pick up their dropped special loot, which will include “powerful and rare items,” such as Zweihandler gun, Ray Gun, and Monkey Bombs, all of which are Zombies classics.

Ray Gun
Monkey Bomb
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Having AI controlled Zombies is yet another feature that will distinguish Blackout from more traditional battle royale titles. 


Players will be able to test out this aspect of Blackout when the Private Beta launches on September 10 for Playstation 4, and September 7 for the Xbox One and PC.

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