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Tommey mocks another bizarre Warzone cheating accusation

Published: 18/Jul/2021 12:31

by Joe Craven


Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren, ex-professional Call of Duty player and and one of the top Warzone competitors for 100 Thieves, isn’t new to being accused of cheating by viewers. He has responded to yet more accusations, joking that he’s finally been caught.

A broadly successful career in professional Call of Duty coming to a close meant that transitioning to full-time Warzone was the perfect move for Tommey.

He has since joined Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves and, despite problems with some of the org’s other competitors, has found a new home in Verdansk and as one of the world’s top competitors in CoD’s BR.


However, given his natural aptitude for all things Call of Duty, and Warzone’s major problems with cheaters, he has found himself on the end of cheating accusations. Due to the dire cheating situation in Warzone generally, viewers are constantly suspicious of the top level players, even though they have proved their skills over time.

Tommey competing at Call of Duty Championships, back when he was a professional player.

On July 17, a Twitter user was convinced they had caught Tommey cheating, after a sniper shot that appeared slightly off target still connected with the enemy.

“His aim was nowhere near the person head and he hit a collateral through the wall?” they said, “I made sure I checked to see if the first person was down and he was.”


The user also tagged YouTuber BadBoyBeaman – who’s channel revolves around making accusations against pro players and streamers with little evidence other than a few clips of good aim.

Tommey, replying to the tweet, joked: “Alright, you got me.”

Plenty of Tommey’s fans mocked the accusations, pointing out that Tommey played professional Call of Duty in an environment where cheating is nigh on impossible.

The gap between the bullet and target was likely caused by internet issues and/or hit box inconsistencies, rather than any cheating on the part of Tommey.

That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of Warzone content creators caught cheating – like this Twitch streamer using ‘soft aimbot’. But, when it comes to these big names, many of whom have been high-level players before Warzone even existed, it’s more often baseless than not.


Hopefully Activision will take action to limit cheating and improving Warzone’s security, in turn reducing the unsubstantiated accusations from flying around the community.