Warzone pro Tommey claims there is major streamsniping corruption in tournaments

Tommey in 100T hoodie on Warzone100 Thieves/Activision

100 Thieves Warzone pro Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren has alleged that there has been serious corruption in tournaments and wagers “for the last year,” with people betting on games and stream sniping pros to earn “thousands and thousands of dollars.”

While the Warzone tournament scene slowed down throughout 2022, plenty of top players have been able to earn some solid money through various smaller tournaments and wagers, as well as those who stream getting paid via their channels.

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Some players, including Tommey, have now learned that other Warzone players are earning extra money by making side bets on wagers and tournament results — then stream sniping, and sometimes even hacking against, the pros they’ve bet against, while using alt accounts.

“For the last year there has been a group of people betting on games and stream sniping/hacking at the same time and dictating who wins what games,” Tommey said. “It’s been over thousands and thousands of dollars.”

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Tommey also claimed that he “always knew something like this would happen but not to this scale.”

Fellow pro and World Series of Warzone Solo YOLO winner Fifakill replied to Tommey, suggesting that he had always suspected that something like this could happen, but could never get proof.

Tommey also promised that a video explaining the entire situation and providing evidence would come later, after his tournament stream on September 27 was disrupted multiple times by stream snipers.

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It’s unclear whether any well-known competitors are involved at all, but we’ll be sure to update as more information comes to light.

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