TimTheTatman threatens to quit Warzone in epic rage: “This game is chalked!”

TimTheTatman explodes at Warzone.YouTube: TimTheTatman / Raven Software

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has unloaded on Warzone in an epic explosion, with the YouTuber even threatening to quit the Call of Duty battle royale and dubbing anyone still enjoying the game a “total clown.”

YouTuber TimTheTatman appears to be hitting breaking point with Warzone, declaring that even though he “still loves it,” issues are starting to take their toll.

The Call of Duty battle royale’s fanbase has been splintering recently, with Caldera’s huge launch doing little to stem the tide of players ditching the title for rival games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. Top stars like Aydan, Dr Disrespect, and NICKMERCS are already jumping ship.

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And now, TimTheTatman is reaching breaking point too.

In an epic meltdown, the YouTuber declared he is a “total clown” for still playing Warzone and begged Raven Software to finally save their sinking battle royale.

TimTheTatman disappointed on stream.YouTube: TimTheTatman
Betar didn’t hold back in his fiery Warzone rant after dying to a new glitch.

TimTheTatman’s on-stream explosion ⁠on January 9 — which led to him rage quitting Warzone entirely ⁠— was sparked by one particularly hilarious gun bug that sprung up at the worst moment possible.

The YouTuber was trying to execute a downed enemy when he “drew” his hands instead of a weapon, resulting in him dying to the resurrected opponent and his allies.

“What!” the YouTuber yelled immediately.

Betar was silent for a moment before exploding: “I’m beyond myself dude… I quit bro, I just quit! Why can’t I do anything in this game! I’m done. I need to take a break. I have to go somewhere, I don’t know where. Why does nothing in this game actually work bro! This game is just totally chalked.

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“I need to walk away, take a step back, look in the mirror. I’m going to throw on a clown nose, and just stare at myself for continuing to play this game.”

“The hardest part,” he continued, “is I really love the game. I do, I do love Warzone, but holy f**k! What else am I going to play right now? I don’t want to play Apex Legends, I don’t want to play Minecraft. What else am I going to play? There’s nothing else, but then Warzone is just…

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“There’s Krampus out chasing everyone, I land with no pistol, you can’t do anything in this game. I took my hands out, against an enemy, and started swinging!

“I’m out of here bro,” the Warzone star declared. “I need to mentally… holy f**k. I need to go listen to relaxing waterfall sounds in a sauna, and calm down.”