Dr Disrespect accuses Warzone devs of false advertisement over Ricochet anti-cheat

Dr Disrespect pointing against Warzone Caldera map and logoDr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect accused the Call of Duty: Warzone developers of false advertisement over the Ricochet anti-cheat after he fell victim to a pretty suspect player.

Despite all of Warzone’s success over the last two years, the battle royale’s struggles with cheaters and hackers has been well documented. Raven Software have, over time, banned many cheaters but only introduced an anti-cheat with the CoD: Vanguard integration.

While the anti-cheat appeared to be doing its job at the start of the integration period, players have complained that there has been a recent influx of cheaters, claiming they may have found a way to make their cheats undetectable.

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In the case of Dr Disrespect, who took a break from Warzone like many others as cheaters got out of hand, he also has his doubts about Ricochet being fully operational at the minute.

warzone ricochet anti cheatSledgehammer Games
RICOCHET anti-cheat is live in Warzone, but it’s not been a silver bullet for hacking.

During his January 7 stream, the Two-Time settled in for a small session of Warzone when he encountered a few issues – mainly with his connection to the servers.

However, before he tried to right those problems, he was taken down by a player who came across as a little suspect. Not only was their aim on point, but they’d pre-fired at The Doc before he was even really visible behind cover.

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“That guy is hacking right? Hundred percent?” the streamer said with a shocked look on his face after watching the resulting kill cam. “So, they did lie to us about Ricochet. That’s false advertisement, huh.”

Timestamp of 1:32:20

The Doc sought some answers from his viewers, with many commenting that they’d run into hackers recently after a period without them.

There’s no telling if something has changed that has allowed cheaters to bypass Ricochet’s checks, but it appears they’re becoming more common. Though, we’ll have to wait and see if there are any further changes to get rid of them.

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