TimTheTatman reveals “one-shot” shotgun Warzone 2 loadout

YouTube: TimTheTatman

Shotguns are not considered meta weapons in Warzone 2, but TimTheTatman revealed a Bryson 800 loadout that may change the conversation.

A lot of discussions in the Warzone 2 community revolve around which long-range weapon reigns supreme, but short-range weapons are just as important. Akimbo pistols and SMGs appear to be early favorites for the best close-quarters option, but shotguns are unfairly overlooked.

Data collected by WZRanked, revealed the most popular shotgun ranks as the 34th most used weapon. Every other class has at least one weapon rank higher.

TimTheTatman made it his mission to find a shotgun loadout worth using in Warzone 2, and he ended up stumbling across a devastating weapon.

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Bryson 800 loadoutActivision
The Bryson 800 is an underrated close-range option in Warzone 2.

TimTheTatman reveals overpowered Bryson 800 Warzone 2 loadout

TimTheTatman crafted a “one-shot” Bryson 800 loadout in his latest YouTube video. He finished with 13 kills using the weapon in a duos match.

This shotgun is way too much fun. The only problem is its reload.”

Shotguns suffer from a slow reload time, but the Warden and Commando perk packages have the Fast Hands perk, improving reload speed.

Here is Tim’s Bryson 800 loadout with attachment tuning included.

  • Muzzle: Bryson Choke (+0.05 weight, +0.30 Length)
  • Barrel: 29.5″ Rifled Barrel (-0.34 weight, +0.21 length)
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Stock: Stockless Pistol Grip
  • Guard: Demo X50 Tactical Pump (-0.13 length)

People in the comment section acknowledged Tim may have struck gold with this Bryson 800 loadout. 

One player responded, “this shotgun absolutely shreds. ‘m using it right now, and even without all the attachments, it still does a ton of damage.”

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A second user added, “Tim has just released hell into the warzone community…”

Players agreed that the Bryson makes for a great short-range weapon, as a third person argued, “I hate one-shot guns, but this is so freaking necessary with all the people camping on a desk in buildings in solos.”

Al Mazrah is full of buildings to clear out, so give this weapon a try if you need extra firepower for the job.