The most used guns in Black Ops Cold War revealed

Black Ops Cold War gunsActivision / Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is home to plenty of iconic guns, but some have proven more popular than others. Find out which weapons are the current fan favorites. 

Black Ops Cold War features a number of deadly guns that players can kit out with all kinds of attachments and camos. Of course, like every Call of Duty title before it, Black Ops Cold War’s playerbase often gravitates towards a few guns. The most popular weapons are picked due to their high damage output, incredible accuracy, clean optics, and general ease of use. 

With the help of the game’s internal Combat Record stats, we’ve gathered the most used guns in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer. Whether you’re looking to level up a new gun or just wanting to know which guns are currently dominating the game,  then be sure to check out our handy popularity guide below.


MP5 Black Ops Cold WarActivision / Treyarch
Despite receiving a hefty nerf, the MP5 still dominates the popularity rankings.

The MP5 taking the top spot really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. In fact, this deadly SMG proved so potent that Treyarch had to rush out a patch purely tailored around nerfing it. This once overpowered SMG dominated players across all levels of play thanks to early unlock, high rate of fire, and blisteringly fast kill time. 

After all, being able to drop multiple enemies with just a single clip has always been a notable strength in the game’s best guns. Despite receiving a significant damage and range nerf, the MP5 still claims the top spot for the most used gun in Black Ops Cold War — though that could change if the nerf affects players’ enjoyment too much.


XM4 Black Ops Cold WarActivision / Treyarch
The XM4 is one of the most reliable assault rifles in the game.

The XM4 (Commando) was a popular pick in the original Black Ops and it looks like Woods’ favorite AR has topped the popularity polls. This full-auto assault rifle may be one of the first assault rifles unlocked, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the damage department. Now that the likes of the M16 and FFAR have been nerfed, the XM4 is proving to be even more appealing. 

Packing a steady rate of fire and decent damage range, this reliable rifle is capable of taking down foes across all distances. Unlike the other ARs in the game, Black Ops Cold War’s XM4 is incredibly versatile. To make things even better, the XM4 isn’t greedy when it comes to attachments. Simply slap on a 40 RND Mag, pick a low magnification optic, and you’re good to go. 


AK-47 Black Ops Cold WarActivision / Treyarch
The AK-47 is a staple pick for the majority of Black Ops Cold War’s playerbase.

Next up is the AK-47. The Russian assault rifle has been a fan-favorite since the first Modern Warfare game hit our screens back in 2007. Despite having incredibly high damage in Modern Warfare 2019, it’s high recoil and methodical fire rate kept it from taking a top spot. 

However, the classic Kalashnikov has returned in a dominant fashion. The AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the game and it#s certainly not hard to see why. Unlike Modern Warfare’s variant, Black Ops Cold War’s iteration features barely any recoil. When you combine this with the gun’s high damage output, you have a recipe for success. 


Krig 6Activision / Treyarch
The KRIG 6 is quickly climbing the popularity ladder.

The recent post-launch balance patch that reduced the M16 and FFAR’s damage has led many players to seek out the next best AR. While the KRIG 6 proved to be a popular pick back in the beta, it has begun to skyrocket in popularity. Not only does this highly accurate assault rifle deliver incredible amounts of precision, but it also deals decent damage across mid to long ranges. 

While it may fall off in close-quarters firefights, you’ll be able to shred through your foes on the game’s bigger maps. If you’re after an assault rifle that is viable in the game’s larger-scale modes or one that could be a hot pick in Warzone, then you may want to start leveling the KRIG 6.


M16 loadoutActivision / Treyarch
The M16 continues to wreak havoc across every mode and map.

This iconic rifle has returned in dominant fashion in Black Ops Cold War and while it may have been nerfed, it’s still a great pick for those that want to rack up the kills. Despite it being a burst rifle, the M16 offers one of the quickest times to kill in the game. Its three-round burst offers reliable damage and accuracy across all engagement ranges, making it extremely versatile. 

Simply equip a red dot or pair it with a higher magnification optic to catch targets out at range. Due to its ease of use and high versatility, it’s unlikely that the M16 will be dropping in the popularity rankings anytime soon. 

So there you have it, five of the most popular guns in Black Ops Cold War. If you want to keep updated with all the latest Call of Duty news and updates, then follow us over on @DexertoIntel.