Unusual Black Ops Cold War bug is giving away Dark Matter

M16 with Dark Matter camo in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold warTwitter: hhamii_

One lucky Call of Duty YouTuber managed to snag himself the Dark Matter camo for free thanks to an unusual bug with Black Ops Cold War Zombies. 

The grind to get Call of Duty’s ultra camos has become a bigger part of things in recent years, with players desperate to show how dedicated they are to having interesting looking skins. 

It’s no different in the newly released Black Ops Cold War as Treyarch have, once again, brought back Dark Matter camo for those who unlock every other skin for every weapon in the game. That’s right, every weapon in the game – including pistols, rocket launchers, and even shotguns. 

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The grind to unlock the camos can be made even harder thanks to the game having ultra-difficult challenges to complete, but, it does help when it has a mind of its own and just decides to give out Dark Matter randomly. 

Black Ops Cold War mastery camosTreyarch
Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter ultra camos are back again in Black Ops Cold War.

That good fortune fell upon YouTuber HamiiHamii who revealed that he was struck with a bug at the end of a game of Zombies and was handed the camo not long after. 

“Unlocked Dark Matter.. apparently? Houston we have a problem!” the YouTuber tweeted before adding some context to the incredibly unusual situation. “Unlocked one random MP5 camo during a Zombies match, died trying to exfil. Granted Dark Matter instead.”

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What makes it look even stranger is that the game shows that Dark Camo has been granted through a challenge, but there is no description or actual challenge name. Instead, they’re just replaced with a handful of zeroes.

However, for anyone wanting to replicate the bug so they don’t have to grind all day and night for Dark Matter, you’re more than likely out of luck. 

The developers were made aware of the issues in the replies to HamiiHamii’s tweet, and will likely work on getting it ironed out before the whole CoD community ends up with free Dark Matter.

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