Blatant Warzone hackers take over TikTok and players are furious

warzone hackers tiktokInfinity Ward / TikTok, @waldo41

Call of Duty: Warzone fans are no strangers to dealing with hackers, but the community is growing outraged now that those hackers are brashly sharing their escapades on TikTok.

Despite Activision actively banning hundreds of thousands of hackers, and shutting down websites selling those hacks, since Warzone debuted in March 2020, the problem persists. At this point, practically all fans have either seen a hacker in their own games or during Twitch streams of their favorite players.

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While some of these cheaters simply find inherent joy in bending the rules, others do it for the clout and attention gained by trolling others and ruining competitive integrity. Back in October, one such hacker, ‘festation,’ streamed his gameplay live on Twitch, pulling the curtain back and giving a look behind the scenes.

That wasn’t the first time someone had purposefully or accidentally displayed their unfair shenanigans, and it would not be the last. Most recently, CoD fans on Reddit have grown incensed upon finding out that hackers are growing exponentially on TikTok.

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As seen in the clip, shared by ‘GoodRedditBoss’ on the Warzone subreddit, a player is running through Verdansk with an M4-A1, surrounded by seemingly color-coded boxes that display every opponent on the map. Outside of reloading and repositioning, the hacker’s gun automatically locks onto every victim at will.

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It appears that the players are marked as yellow when behind cover, red when within line of sight, and fallen items are marked as blue. Furthermore, each player’s ‘box’ has their name and primary weapon written out as well.

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While the hacker, who goes by ‘waldo41’ on TikTok, slyly mentions that interested players should “Direct Message for info on the gaming chair,” it’s unclear how many customers have inquired about their cheats. 

While waldo41’s TikTok comments are generally more entertained than angry, the Reddit comments express serious outrage. While one user called them “scum of the earth,” another called them “a waste of time/life,” and yet another summed it up with an insult that extends past the game: “Weak men who suck in real life.”

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With hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok and growing, it’s clear that there is an audience for Warzone hackers. While the app does delete similar accounts regularly, it still has become home to a subculture that CoD fans are not very happy about.

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