Symfuhny claims Warzone’s Verdansk map is actually overrated vs new maps

James Busby
Warzone Verdansk map

Ever since the introduction of Warzone’s Caldera map, players have wanted Verdansk to return to the battle royale. However, Symfuhny believes this classic map is largely overrated when compared to newer maps. 

Verdansk has been missing from Warzone ever since December 8, 2021, when Vanguard’s integration kicked off. Since then, the original map has been replaced with Caldera, which has divided the game’s playerbase. 

While Fortune’s Keep has proven popular amongst the community, Caldera continues to prove divisive, with many players calling for the Verdansk’s return. Despite the backlash and several petitions, there has been no official announcement from Raven Software.

However, Warzone content creator Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier has revealed that he believes Verdansk isn’t as good as people make it out to be. 

Symfuhny on Warzone’s Verdansk map

When asked what his favorite Warzone map was, Symfuhny surprised chat with his view on Verdansk.

“It depends right,” said the streamer. “Verdansk was like the peak of the game, but it’s not because it was a good map. It’s because Warzone was Warzone at the time it came out…and no one was going outside right?” 

For a lot of people, Warzone provided the perfect escapism at a time when the world kept us distant from those around us. It’s because of this nostalgia that the streamer believes Verdansk has become such a popular map when compared to newer additions. 

“Right now, Fortune’s Keep [wins], I’ve been having a blast on this sh*t. If we’re talking about peak fun, we’re going with Verdansk, but do I think it’s the best? No. I don’t really want to pick between Verdansk and Caldera, I think they’re kinda meh. I hope that the Warzone 2 map is fire.”

Whether Raven Software will ever bring back Verdansk in some form in the future remains to be seen, but for now, the community will just have to wait and see what the upcoming game brings.