Sydnicate mocks Warzone’s anti-cheat efforts as blatant hacker ruins game

Warzone hackerActivision

Despite Activision’s current efforts to fix Warzone’s prolific hacking issue, many streamers and the wider community have continued to run into cheaters. 

To say that Warzone Season 1 has gotten off to a rough start would be a huge understatement. Aside from the countless game-breaking bugs and usual performance issues, there have been an influx of hackers. In fact, things have gotten so bad that many of the game’s top players have voiced their concerns over the general health of the game. 

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However, these frustrations seemed to die down after Activision announced that they had banned over 60,000 and promised to fix their anti-cheat. For a while, it seemed that hacking problem had been alleviated and games weren’t filled with cheaters. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for these game-ruining players to return. 

Syndicate stunned by Warzone hacker

After Activision announced that they were going to clean up Warzone’s hacking issue, many fans were hopeful that Warzone lobbies would get better. While 60,000 account bans is hardly a large number, it at least seemed like Activision were finally listening to the current backlash. 

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However, when you consider how easy it is to get around Warzone’s anti-cheat, this is hardly a big number. In fact, many hackers have even been so brazen as to explain how easy it is to bypass the current system. As a result, it didn’t take long for Call of Duty streamers like Thomas ‘Syndicate’ Cassell to bump into hackers while streaming. 

“Didn’t [Activision] literally just put out like another tweet, being like ‘we’re so proud that we’ve just banned another wave, and we’ve stepped up our anti-cheat.’” The streamer continues to watch as the hacker snaps onto targets, effortlessly taking them down with highly accurate shots from their Kar98k. 

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“The other guy has to pull out the Riot Shield and move towards him with it,” shouts Syndicate. However, the streamer is quickly stunned as the cheater begins to shoot his enemy through the wall to claim an easy win. 

For now, it seems that Activision’s current efforts to rid Warzone of its current hackers are not working. We’ll just have to see whether a more robust anti-cheat system will be added in Season 2

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