Swagg identifies Warzone’s downfall moment ahead of Warzone 2 launch


Warzone star Swagg has picked the moment that he thinks signaled a bit of a downfall for the battle royale as it didn’t live up to fan expectations. 

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 both on the horizon, many Call of Duty fans have been taking the chance to bid farewell to Warzone 1, which brought so many iconic moments. 

Given that Warzone 2 launches in a few weeks, some players are trying to grab a win with every gun, others are still trying to unlock every camo, and some are just focused on getting as many wins as they can before testing their arm in something new.

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In the case of Swagg, the FaZe Clan star has been going through what he considers iconic moments in the battle royale over the last two years, including one moment he believes started to see the game go on a bit of a downfall. 

Swagg highlights Warzone’s biggest missed opportunity

The Nuke Squad member dropped his “End of Warzone” video on October 26, reflecting on the good and bad of the past two years. One of the biggest highlights, he believes the game had, was the Nuke event. 

“We’ll forever remember the Nuke event. I don’t think there has ever been, as far as event of that colossal… in any game. Not even prime Fortnite bro, in my opinion” Swagg said. Though, it wasn’t wholly positive.

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Swagg pointed to how many players expecting a brand-new map, but instead, got a reskinned version of Verdansk. “That’s what everyone kind of thought and when it didn’t happen, everyone was kind of confused!” he added. “I think that is where we maybe we lost a lot of the… that was the height of the community, one hundred percent.

“Everyone suspected that Verdansk was going to get nuked and when it finally did and they came out with that like 1970’s version of it, it was kind of like eh,” he added.

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Like many, Swagg preferred the original Verdansk map to the throwback version, and also pointed to the opening of Stadium as a monumental moment in the game. 

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Plenty of players have pointed to the rise in cheaters as being the endpoint for their journey on Warzone, but Swagg probably isn’t far off either.