Swagg claims Warzone 2 was “ruined” ahead of Season 2 changes to fix it

Swagg in black and gold hoodie with Warzone 2 in backgroundSwagg/Activision

FaZe Clan star Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson believes Warzone 2 is “boring” and has moved too far away from what made the original battle royale “perfect” for him and many other players. 

Since launching as a part of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 back in November, Warzone 2 has split many players in the battle royale community due to several changes, including looting, weapon loadouts, and beyond.

There has been a raft of complaints from players, begging the developers to make changes. And, with the start of Season 2, they will be making a fair few of them, bringing back the popular resurgence mode at last. 

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However, in the case of FaZe Swagg, it might just be a little too late as he believes the battle royale has “ruined” what made the original Warzone “perfect” in the eyes of many players. 

FaZe Swagg bashes Warzone 2 changes from “perfect” battle royale

It was something the FaZe Clan star brought up during a recent stream, as he dove into a number of the issues that he believes Warzone 2 has.

“The game got ruined. Warzone was perfect, it was good, it just had to keep adding on to it – maybe some innovations. I just wish Infinity Ward never took it to a place where it just became f**king, quite frankly, boring,” Swagg said before lambasting the changes to sniping. 

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“For most of the game, the most popular guns were Snipers. All the kids, even the dads, loved rocking Snipers because it was just satisfying to get a one-shot headshot. They took that away.”

Swagg also bashed the decision to tweak movement in Warzone 2, as he claimed “bots” hated Stim shots, which led many players to believe movement – well, slide canceling – was “broken.”

Given that the original Warzone came as there was a gap in the battle royale market, there is plenty to be nostalgic about. Warzone 2 Season 2 will fix a number of the issues that players have hated from the start, so maybe it’ll be a turning point.

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