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Surprise Warzone LMG breaks all-time K/D record

Published: 19/Dec/2021 21:33

by André González Rodríguez


An LMG in Warzone has broken the all-time K/D record for weapons – and the result may surprise even the most hardcore of players.

CoD’s Warzone has been experiencing an influx of World War II weapons after the game integrated with the franchise’s latest release, Vanguard.

As is with every iteration of the battle royale, some guns are better than others. It can be an SMG that is perfect for close-quarters combat or an AR that helps you light up enemies from afar – they all have their uses. 

warzone pacific player firing at enemies
Vanguard joined Warzone in December 8

But one gun type, in particular, has made a surprise appearance in Warzone’s arsenal as the one to use, and it’s cleaning house.


Bren LMG breaks all-time Warzone weapon K/D record

The Bren was a light machine gun that was used by the British army from the 1930s up until the 1990s, including the Second World War. It was only natural that it made an appearance for Vanguard and subsequently Warzone.

In the battle royale, guns with high rates of damage and a decent range are king. The Bren is perfect for that. A weapon that can efficiently and quickly take down any enemy’s armor will surely get into the hands of any player and it has.

As per the website,, the Bren currently sits at the top of the best K/D for primary weapons. Not only that, but it also holds the record for that title with a 1.75 K/D. It is also the only other weapon from Vanguard, apart from the Cooper Carbine, to break the top five in that category.


Warzone will have guns that are the top dog in any category but it’s not often that those guns break all-time K/D records.