Star-studded Warzone Season 3 trailer features Nadeshot with Young Thug, Jack Harlow & other celebrities

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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3’s launch hasn’t only been hyped up by Twitch’s biggest stars, but also by some of the biggest celebrities in the world. A new trailer features Nadeshot alongside A-list celebrities like Young Thug and Jack Harlow.

Young Thug and Gunna have shared time on the Hot 100 with collaborative singles like “Dollaz on My Head.”

Druski and Jack Harlow have shared moments (flirtatious ones, in fact) during celebrity basketball games.

Apparently, all four also share a love for tearing up Verdansk in helicopters. As shown in CoD’s latest trailer for Warzone: Season 3, those four big-name celebrities also enjoy in-game chaos. And they’re far from the only ones enlisted to show off the game’s new map and content. 

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For gamers, the headliner has got to be 100 Thieves’ Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag — who whips out an LMG to send Harlow and Druski plummeting (together, of course). But, with sports and entertainment figures from across the world, the trailer has something for everyone.

After the aforementioned entertainment celebrities make their debuts, bleached-hair Nadeshot makes his. Those four, so preoccupied with helicopter shenanigans, fail to realize that the CoD and gaming veteran has set himself up with an LMG on a high-ground perch.

Then, amidst the influencer mayhem, comes another deep cut to a gaming icon: Black Ops 1’s legendary “Burger Man.” The burger-flipper out-maneuvers a rocket from British rapper AJ Tracey before the trailer continues its celebrity onslaught.

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As far as the remaining celebrities, the list is varied and all-encompassing. Season 3’s newest Operator calls in a killstreak from the “Icy Girl” herself, US rapper Saweetie, and then five-time Grammy nominee Swae Lee lands a classic CoD trick shot.

By the end, sports fans get their due — as Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish volleys a grenade toward none other than the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mookie Betts, who fittingly bats the explosive away with the butt of his weapon.

Of course, basketball fans also get to enjoy a sneak cameo by the Los Angeles Lakers’ Dennis Schroder, who watches on as Betts defends their group. 

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While we end up not knowing who won this live-action version of the battle royale, we do know that Harlow and Druski got eliminated. That means this wildly star-studded trailer can teach us one all-important fact: Nadeshot has still got it.