Staggering Warzone breakdown reveals the longest distance snipe possible

Brad Norton
Warzone sniping gameplay

If you’re a sniping expert in Warzone, chances are that you’ve hit a few long-distance shots in the Battle Royale title. However, if you want to go the extra mile (literally), a new breakdown reveals just how far away you can be and still do damage.

Long-range snipes can be extremely effective in Warzone if you’re able to time them just right. A well-placed shot could put a vehicle out of commission or outright eliminate a squad. But at what distance do sniper rifles become ineffective?

If you’re really looking to push your favorite sniper to its limits, it turns out that there’s a clear cutoff point in Warzone. Thanks to a detailed experiment from gaming mythbusters ‘DefendTheHouse,’ we now know how far sniper shots can travel across the map.

Whether you’re in it for bragging rights or putting together a sniping montage, here’s a rundown on what the lengthy assessment was able to uncover.

Call of Duty Warzone sniping
You might think you’ve hit a long distance shot before, but have you ever gone this far?

Starting out at a staggering range of 1500 meters, the duo realized that all snipers are still effective. How they tested it was by placing a vehicle at a certain distance, measured through the in-game ping system. As the physical bullets themselves began to disappear, vehicle damage proved to be a great way to gauge effectiveness.

“I’m here by the truck… there are no bullet holes,” one of the testers said. “I don’t see your bullet but [the car] is smoking, you are definitely hitting it.”

With each successive shot from that range, the truck was damaged ever so slightly. Just to emphasize how damaging snipers can be from a great distance, they blew the vehicle up from 2400 meters.

“After 2400 meters, we thought it was time to go for the longest shot physically possible,” they said. “Ultimately, we discovered the longest sightline is from Dam to Prison.”

In order to properly test from these two locations, they ran into some difficulties. Enemies would interrupt the tests and players would be kicked for inactivity as well. It became a real challenge and took multiple hours.

They pushed through the hassles and eventually discovered the maximum range for snipers in Warzone. Just past 2400 meters, shots would leave a visible mark on the terrain after traveling through the map. Unfortunately, no sound could be heard from this point on. “It makes no sound which is kind of off, but it’s literally right in front of me.”

They tested every sniper in the game, even the latest Rytek AMR with explosive rounds equipped. However, 2400 meters always came through as the furthest distance. Anything beyond that point would entirely fail to reach the target.

Now that you’re aware of the maximum sniper range, there’s still plenty to learn. Get caught up on the last experiment that focused on the insane range of missiles in Warzone.