Warzone 2 sniper hits incredible “world record” shot from over 1,300 meters

Warzone 2 Operator with a sniperActivision

One Warzone 2 player managed to hit a sniper headshot from over 1,300 meters away, downing a player from across the map.

Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah is the biggest map in Warzone’s history, with tons of POI’s scattered around to create some interesting and diverse matches each time.

Thanks to the map’s large size and sprawling areas, using a Sniper Rifle is a great way to get the drop on squads, provided players are camping out in the right areas.

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One Warzone 2 player took this to the extreme and managed to down a player from quite literally across the map with an incredible sniper headshot from over 1,300 meters away.

Warzone 2 player hits insane 1,300 meter sniper shot

The clip comes from the CODWarzone subreddit, where a user named Virtual_Projectile shared proof of their insane accomplishment with the rest of the community.

The post, titled, “World Record(?) 1,307.49M Headshot” showed the OP using the MCPR-300 sniper rifle aiming at another player at the Zaya Observatory POI.

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Although the video begins mid-engagement, the OP managed to hit the enemy player — ironically called BulletMagnet27 — on the second shot. The headshot downed them and, while Virtual_Projectile wasn’t able to clinch the kill with another miraculous snipe the enemy eventually bled out and was eliminated.

Fans on the subreddit were impressed with the shot, with many making jokes about the absurd distance the player managed to hit. “Nope, sorry. I hit 1,307.52M once. Try again,” joked one user.

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Virtual_Projectile when into specifics of how the shot actually came to be, as some players asked how they managed to line it up in the first place. “Beyond a certain distance, it seems like the bullet impact point decouples from the dot on the reticle,” they explained accounting for the extreme angle they had to take while sniping.

They guessed that there is either always a small amount of error one has to take into account when sniping from such a long distance or that the Raptor FVM40 scope simply isn’t designed to work past the 800 meter player render distance.

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Regardless, there’s no doubt that this Warzone 2 player was able to make one of the most impressive shots on record.

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