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Special Dr Disrespect-themed calling card discovered in Modern Warfare

Published: 14/Nov/2019 9:29

by Matt Porter


Eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans playing the latest installment in the legendary franchise may have noticed a special calling card in Modern Warfare, which appears to reference Dr Disrespect.

Modern Warfare officially released on October 25 and since then a number of the world’s most popular streamers have been playing the game regularly, including Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop, and of course, Dr Disrespect.

While so many content creators have been playing the game during their broadcasts, there’s yet to be any official announcements about partnerships between Infinity Ward and the stars in terms of cosmetic items. 

For fans of the Doc, though, it appears that the game’s developers decided to include a tribute to him in the game anyway, in the form of a calling card filled with references to the leader of the Champions Club.

Twitch: Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect is referenced in a Modern Warfare calling card.

Posted on Dr Disrespect’s subreddit by user hardestyxx, one of the rewards for completing a daily challenge was a calling card named “Two Time,” a reference to his nickname and the back-to-back 1993 and 1994 Blockbuster Video Game Championships he won.

Even the image is reminiscent of The Doc, with a man featured with what looks to be the “bulletproof mullet,” versions of the “Google prototype scopes” which always sit on the bridge of his nose, and even the legendary mustache known as the “Ethiopian poisonous caterpillar.”

How isn’t this a legendary? from r/DrDisrespectLive

Unfortunately, getting your hands on the “Two Time” calling card won’t be easy, as it seems to only appear as a reward for completing daily challenges, meaning that you’ll need to be lucky enough to see it appear in your challenges menu, and the complete the task set out for you by Infinity Ward.

This isn’t the first time he has been referenced in a video game, with Borderlands 3 also honoring the streamer after adding a sniper rifle with the same name, Two Time, to their title.

Whether it will appear in the game’s Battle Pass when it releases remains to be seen, but fans of The Doc should keep watching for more Dr Disrespect-themed cosmetic items in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty

Best Pellington 703 loadout for Black Ops Cold War: Attachments, Perks, Equipment

Published: 26/Nov/2020 12:31 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 12:48

by Alex Garton


The Pellington 703 is the perfect weapon for players looking to play aggressively with a sniper rifle in CoD Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War has three different snipers and each of them suits a different playstyle. For players who prefer to push others and maneuver around the map, the Pellington 703 should be your weapon of choice.

It’s worth noting that Cold War has the longest ADS time for snipers out of any Call of Duty game. This has led to players struggling to quick scope consistently and writing off snipers as weak. Although there are certainly easier weapons to master in Cold War, nothing will beat landing multiple shots with a sniper in a single streak.

Despite Cold War’s long ADS times, there are a number of attachments that can mitigate this and give you a sniper loadout that’s lethal in online matches.

Cold War has the longest ADS time for snipers out of any Call of Duty title.

Best Pellington 703 loadout in Black Ops Cold War

Here’s how you need to kit out your Pellington 703 sniper for the most effective multiplayer loadout.

Pellington 703 loadout Attachments

  • Barrell: 26.5 Tiger Team
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser
  • Magazine: 7 RND
  • Handle: Serpent Wrap
  • Stock: Marathon Stock


  • Perk 1: Tactical Mask
  • Perk 2: Gear Head
  • Perk 3: Ghost

Wild Card

  • Law Breaker


  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stimshot
  • Field Upgrade: Field Mic

This loadout focuses on allowing you to play aggressively. In terms of attachments, the Tiger Team barrel increases the Pellington’s damage output by 20%. This means fewer hit markers and more one-shot kills.

The Steady Aim Laser improves the effectiveness of the weapon at close range using hip-fire. Finally, the Serpent Wrap reduces the Pellington’s ADS time by 10%, making it a perfect attachment for any of the snipers in Cold War.

The Pellington 703 has the fastest ADS time out of any sniper in Cold War.

Moving onto perks, Tactical Mask is always useful to have when running an aggressive loadout that is seeking gunfights. The combination of Gear Head and the Field Mic is a great pairing for multiplayer and allows you to spam your field upgrade on cooldown. Finally, Ghost gives you the peace of mind that the endless spy planes in the air can’t track your every move when you’re running around the map.

Equipment in this loadout is fairly standard but you should focus on using the Field Mic whenever it’s off cooldown to gain valuable information. The reduced cooldown from the Gear Head perk is incredibly useful and will allow you to track the location of the enemy team.

Now, all there’s to do is make this Pellington 703 loadout and try it out in Multiplayer for yourself.