Scump & FormaL share funny stories of Envoy “scumbagging” people in the past

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On a recent OpTic Chicago podcast, Scump and FormaL shared just how controversial young star Envoy’s history is — including surprising stories of confrontations with people he “scumbagged” as an amateur.

It’s common knowledge that Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon used to cheat in online matches by using a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller. Years later, the young talent cleaned up his act, gotten on the sticks, and joined the Call of Duty League on a pedigree Chicago roster alongside renowned veterans.

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But in their time with Envoy, the vet duo known as “T2P,” Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper, have come to learn just how spicy the 21-year-old’s past is. From old stories to recent, heated confrontations with former foes, the duo shared just how many bridges Envoy has burnt.

And it all started because OpTic content creator Nick ‘MaNiaC’ Kershner asked the two if Envoy used to cheat, to which FormaL responded “yeah” and Scump, a more emphatic, “oh, yeah.”

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Joking about how troublesome a talent Envoy is, FormaL broke down just how colorful the submachine gunner’s past is: “Dylan’s been trying to make it for like eight years … he’s burned every bridge along the way and he somehow made it to us. If we get rid of him, he’s not going to get picked up again.” 

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As Scump explained that “He’s got a lot of skeletons … too many to count,” the vet duo dove into some of the more illustrious examples. FormaL kicked it off by telling a story about how Envoy knew someone had bought a GameBattles account, waited until he was about to play him at an event and then “told on him” to get the opponent kicked out.

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And Scump has a good sense of how that guy probably feels about Envoy’s patient sabotage: “He wants to throw hands with Dylan … he hates him.”

Envoy on stageCall of Duty League
Envoy has been a dominant pro player following some amateur drama.

The wildest story is probably the one FormaL shared about Chicago’s time in London. Sitting at a casino, someone randomly tapped Envoy on the shoulder and told him “yo, where’s my f**king 10 pounds? … You scumbagged me back in AW [Advanced Warfare], where’s my money?”

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Laughing about Envoy’s grudges dating back to 2014 AW beef, FormaL explained that “Dylan has random demons and skeletons in his closet.”

Apparently, Envoy was a dangerous force to be reckoned with well before his 2020 CDL MVP nomination and current OpTic Chicago stardom.