Perfect playable remake of CoD 4 map Shipment in Fortnite Creative

Calum Patterson

Since the release of Fortnite Creative at the start of Season 7, players with an eye for detail have been designing incredible remakes of classic multiplayer maps – the latest being ‘Shipment’ from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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This tiny map is among the most legendary of all Call of Duty maps, known for its 1v1 battles, just like other well known maps Nuketown and Rust.

Nuketown and Rust have of course already received the Fortnite Creative treatment, and while there are plenty good attempts, nothing comes close to as perfect a remake as this Shipment example.

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Admittedly, it could be argued that Shipment is somewhat easier to make, given its very small and square dimensions, but the attention to detail in this attempt in unrivalled.

The creator, u/jespergran, has even taken the time to recreate the outskirts of the map too, so not only is the playable area exceptionally detailed, but the surrounding environment too.

“I’ve recreated the entire map, even the outside and every asset on the entire map is on the exact same location (bought MWR on PC to spectate while building) even the assets on the outside is 100% the same!”

You can see Shipment in action in the trailer below.

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The creator, jesgran, is an approved creator on Fortnite, meaning he has a code which allows any player to try out his Shipment creation. Simply enter the code below in Creative:

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