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Fortnite fan recreates Sub Base from Modern Warfare 2 in Creative Mode

Published: 7/Jan/2019 19:05 Updated: 7/Jan/2019 19:26

by Alan Bernal


An iconic location from a legendary iteration of the Call of Duty franchise found a new life in Fortnite Creative as a nostalgic fan took the task of building the entire map with incredible accuracy.

Epic Games released Fortnite Creative on December 6 that gave its players the ability to take as many in-game resources needed to build or recreate scenes limited only by their imagination, and one player took things back to 2009.

Twitch streamer FirstCrimson took on the task of remaking Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer map Sub Base in the extensive sandbox, resulting in an impeccable design that carries the essence of the familiar warzone.

Infinity WardThe streamer included all the nooks and crannies most older players came to love and hate in MW2.

FirstCrimson’s recreation features all of the twists and turns one would find in the snowy base, including the dreaded Courtyard where most firefights seemed to funnel, Catwalks that connect to higher levels of the map, the alleys on the outskirts of the base where many-a-flag-carrier met their doom, and much more.

The streamer posted a walkthrough of the map on Reddit and dubbed the video with a classic track from Modern Warfare 2, perfectly capping off the introduction for the map.

Just like the Infinity Ward created location, the reimagining has settings that cater to both long-distance fights and close quarter buildings that bring a multifaceted approach to combat.

Sub Base from MW2 (FFA Map) from r/FortniteCreative

According to FirstCrimson, it took him around 30 hours to make his creation suited for both Free-For-All or Deathmatch modes.

The map is an astonishing display of persistence, but it is even more telling of the freedom Fortnite Creative can give to creators.


Fortnite Crew explained: Battle Pass skin packs, V-Bucks, price & more

Published: 24/Nov/2020 16:40 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 16:51

by Tanner Pierce


Starting with Chapter 2 Season 5, Fortnite will have a brand new subscription service titled Fortnite Crew, which aims to bring a slew of different features that players love, wrapped up into one nice little package. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Season 4 of Fortnite is rapidly coming to an end. The Marvel-themed season has been around for a few months now and in December it will be replaced by Season 5. While we don’t know the full extent of the new season, we do know that it’s set to introduce a brand new service called Fortnite Crew.

This subscription-based model, which is a first for Fortnite, is set to introduce a brand new way to get the battle pass each season, while at the same time earning some free goodies to sink your teeth into. But how does it work, how much does it cost, and what does it include? Here’s the breakdown.

Fortnite Crew contents

The most attractive inclusion in this new subscription service is that of the battle pass. Each month, you’ll get the premium version of the battle pass at no extra cost to you, so long as you’re subscribed to Fortnite Crew.

Beyond that, however, you’ll also receive a number of different items beyond the premium battle pass. You’ll also receive 1000 v-bucks and an exclusive Fortnite Crew Pack, which in-and-of-itself includes a skin and a “matching accessory”.

Fortnite Crew cost

According to Epic, the Fortnite Crew subscription service will cost players $11.99 a month. This price makes the service an objectively good deal, as a normal battle pass costs 950 V-bucks, which costs around $8.

So for a few extra bucks from the standard price of a battle pass, you’re getting 1000 extra V-bucks, an exclusive skin pack, and the battle pass itself.

How to subscribe to Fortnite Crew

Epic Games
Players will be able to purchase the Fortnite Crew subscription from the Item Shop when it launches in December.

Subscribing to Fortnite Crew is, apparently, quick and easy. All you have to do is click the icons found in the Fortnite Item Shop or on the battle pass screen, meaning it doesn’t seem like players will have to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to get access to the service.

In addition, Epic Games also confirmed that fans will be able to cancel their subscription at any time. Presumably, fans will be able to keep all of the items they unlocked through the service up until that point, considering they would have already paid for that month.