OpTic H3CZ claims Activision “gave up” on preparing MW2 for CDL 2023 season

OpTic H3CZ on the OpTic podcast criticizing Activision.YouTube: OpTic Audio Network

OpTic H3CZ has been critical of the Call of Duty League’s handling before and now he’s revealed his frustrations with Activison over the lead-up to the CDL 2023 season.

There has been a storm of drama brewing in the Call of Duty League community over the state of Modern Warfare 2 ever since the Season 1 update.

From the removal and subsequent reimplementation of the official CDL ruleset in private matches to a torrent of game-breaking Dev Errors that cause the entire application to crash, pros have had a tough time of things while trying to prepare for the upcoming Major 1 Pro-Am event in December.

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These problems have prevented teams from practicing altogether and now OpTic’s CEO has voiced his displeasure over how these problems have been handled by Activision.

H3CZ slams Activision over Call of Duty League issues

In a November 24 episode of the OpTic Podcast, Rodriguez started things off by addressing exactly how he feels about the state of the game. After asking MBoZe for a quick explanation of the ongoing private match issues, the head honcho went straight at Activision for allowing things to fall into such disarray.

He first acknowledged that Warzone’s influence is much bigger than the CDL’s but then said that the way that the pro scene is treated is completely unfair.

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“The fact that they’re not even trying…I don’t understand why this is not a Defcon 5 situation and Activision says ‘you know what, we’re paying everybody overtime,’ get the private lobbies back in order before H3CZ and the boys start f***ing screaming again,” he said.

He also referred to Scump’s looming retirement from Call of Duty as a sign of the times for the franchise overall, with Warzone streamer ZLaner agreeing that it’s a sad situation overall.

Rodriguez went on to explain that he hasn’t taken part in a CDL meeting in over two years because he believes that lower-ranking employees are being used as shields for the people who have the power to get things in order.

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“I have many bones to pick with this league, man…We launched the game in advance so we could get the season started early, and what did we get?”

Online qualifiers for the first tournament are set to kick off on December 2, so there’s not much time left for things to get straightened out ahead of the competition.