OpTic BobbyPoff responds to backlash for mocking streamer killing him in Warzone 2

Ryan Lemay

Warzone 2 streamer OpTic BobbyPoff has apologized after a clip of him mocking smaller streamers for ruining their nuke attempts received considerable backlash from the CoD community.

Update January 18, 04:15 EST / 09:15 GMT

BobbyPoff has formally apologized for his comments. In his January 17 livestream, the streamer said he “took it way too far” and shouldn’t have criticized the streamers in the way that he did.

“A lot of you guys know there’s a clip going around online,” he said, “Of me talking down on smaller streamers… There’s no excuse for my actions. I said some pretty f**ked up sh*t. I said some horrible sh*t, which was really unnecessary.”

He described it as “not a good look” and concluded: “I’m really sorry for what I said.”

The original article is as follows.

Chasing down nukes dominates the current Warzone 2 streaming landscape. Squads need to win five consecutive matches and then complete the Champions Quest to accomplish the elusive feat. Content creators have made it their mission to secure as many nukes as possible.

Nadeshot dedicated nine hours on stream hunting one, and a game crash caused him to go on an epic rant. Activision indefinitely delayed the release of stat tracking in WZ2, so grinding for nukes filled a much-needed void.

Streamers, such as BobbyPoff, who successfully detonated a nuke without firing any bullets, have taken on nuke-related challenges to spice up the trend. Bobby called out Stellar for killing him while completing a challenge, and the confrontation detonated a different type of bomb.

Cargo truck full of people zooming around Al-Mazrah in Warzone 2.
Squads have been racing to get as many nukes as possible.

OpTic BobbyPoff blasts Ethan Stellar on Warzone 2

BobbyPoff was on a winning streak, and his team ran into another streamer group chasing a nuke as well. Bobby was attempting a pistol-only nuke challenge, and his team snapped over getting killed by a team not going for a challenge.

“They use RPKs and Fennecs, and that’s all they can use. They have no skill, no talent, and no entertainment value. We are literally doing a challenge, that’s why people are watching it. Those guys are probably going to be fu**ing irrelevant forever.”

Bobby continued his rant, stating, “my stream is probably going to get more views than he has ever had on his fu**ing channel.”

Stellar posted the clip and responded, “no need to make it personal, we’re all just grinding our own content.”

Poff issued an initial response and then commented again, “I’ll be the first to admit some of the stuff I said was over the line. Hour 13 of my stream going for a nuke using a pistol, so the passion was flowing. That’s not an excuse for offending smaller streamers, but the way this whole thing is framed as a personal attack is weird to me.”

Warzone 2 community members offered words of encouragement to Stellar after the ordeal.

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