NICKMERCS claims attachment tuning “overcomplicated” Warzone 2


NICKMERCS explained why Warzone 2’s introduction of attachment tuning was unnecessary.

Modern Warfare 2 added an extra layer of customization to the gunsmith with attachment tuning. The feature allows players to tailor attachments specifically for different playstyles. For example, while editing an under-barrel attachment, you can focus more on recoil stabilization or aim down-sight speed.

As community members became more accustomed to the system, players discovered a right and wrong way to utilize it. Every attachment has a different sweet spot, and it’s up to the player to maximize a weapon’s potential.

Attachment tuning succeeded in creating endless ways to customize a loadout, but NICKMERCS argued the feature doesn’t have a place in the battle royale sequel.

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NICKMERCS calls for a return to basics in Warzone 2

An example of weapon tuning in Modern Warfare 2.

During a live stream on January 25, NICKMERCS shared his feelings on Warzone 2’s attachment system.

“I really do miss the days when you could just add four attachments or three attachments to a gun.”

Nick added, “All of the best shooters in the history of gaming, for the most part, didn’t have any customization like that.”

If you compare Warzone 2 to Apex Legends or Fortnite, the difference in customization options is shocking. For Apex, players loot individual attachments with varying levels of rarity, and in Fortnite, there are different rarities for weapons but no attachments.

WZ2 allows players to equip five different attachments at a time for eight possible attachment slots. And on top of that, most attachments can be tuned.

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“Not everything has to be Tarkov. Look at Halo or Gears of War,” Nick argued. “You don’t need to customize a million things.”

Nick concluded by arguing Warzone 2 would benefit from returning to basics and keeping systems simpler, which makes it easier for new players to pick up the game and play.