Warzone 2 guru uncovers “game-changer” attachment for no recoil SMGs

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There is a “broken” SMG attachment in Warzone 2 that could be a “game-changer” when it comes to eliminating recoil, and experts are already jumping on board with it. 

Over the last few years, the Create-A-Class and weapon tuning systems in Call of Duty have undergone some big changes from game to game, with Warzone 2 expanding on that in a big way. 

In the latest CoD battle royale title, weapon tuning has been enhanced so that you can step your favorite guns up in a multitude of ways. Want to focus solely on bullet velocity? Done, but expect some serious recoil. Want to up your mobility speed? Sure, but don’t count on winning any fights over 20 meters.

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Those tuning changes have, naturally, allowed a few mistakes to slip through the gaps. Some attachments do more than the devs planned, while others just don’t exist despite there being plans for them. 

“Broken” SMG attachment significantly nerfs recoil in Warzone 2

Well, another of these attachment quirks has been highlighted by Warzone 2 YouTuber TheKoreanSavage, as one particular muzzle is nerfing recoil in a big way. 

It’s the Bruen Pendulum muzzle, which already states that it gives players “significant vertical recoil control and increased accuracy.” Though, the YouTuber believes it is “broken” and does a lot more than it already promises. 

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“Genuinely, I think it’s a game-changer,” he said, noting that he uses the attachment on hip-fire builds to add “long-range confidence” in fights. 

Just like the “OP” Overpressured Rounds that were uncovered back in Season 2, the attachment is only specific to SMGs, so you can’t rush out at add it to your AR and LMG classes. 

It remains to be seen if the devs will put the muzzle under the microscope and nerf it, or if they’ll just leave it be for now.

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