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One Warzone shotgun keeps firing blanks and players are fed up

Published: 17/Jun/2020 2:25

by Alan Bernal


A familiar issue with Modern Warfare’s shotguns is starting to annoy Warzone players, especially when it leads to moments where they get killed almost immediately after.

In Season 2, players clamored for a fix in Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer where shotgun slugs would be wildly inaccurate compared to the normal pellet spread they’re known for. The bug prompted a quick reply from Co-Design Director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot.

While the message at the time indicated these problems would be resolved in CoD’s Multiplayer. Months after Season 3’s update came and went, the same issues can be seen in Warzone.

“Never been one to rage quit but this one had me close,” user ‘Sundancelc’ said after they unloaded a clip of 12 Gauge Slugs from a VLK Rogue shotgun against an opponent at point-blank.

Even though there wasn’t much space in between the two opponents, the shotgun wasn’t very productive at connecting the short-range blasts.

Infinity Ward
The VLK Rogue in Warzone shoots errant slugs, even at close range.

In the middle of the fight, there were a couple of shots that managed to connect. But the chaos of the moment quickly made Sundancelc drop the ADS and fire from the hip – a historically favorable matchup for shotguns at close distances.

But it’s because of the ammunition type loaded in the VLK that made it impossible to hit the mark, even at that range.

“The current shotguns in Warzone are mostly slug,” user ‘Bla3k0ps’ said. “So that means no spray circle with dot. On the VLK the slugs make it impossible to kill in Warzone. It’s consistently worse than the base one.”

Never been one to rage quit but this one had me close from CODWarzone

More players indicated that while the Dragon’s Breath variant is the most worthwhile depiction of the VLK, the slugs really hamper the gameplay.

“I saw the VLK and knew you were done,” ‘K1d-ego’ explained. “I don’t know why they’re trying so hard to make that piece of s**t happen. There’s the dragons breath, the battle pass blueprint for it, and two versions of it in Warzone. It’s not a fun gun and no one wants to use it.”

It was one of the worst times for Sundancelc to discover the slugs’ weakness in Warzone and will “stay clear of it from now on” until there’s a fix for the issue.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War dev responds to broken Zombies XP growth

Published: 29/Nov/2020 13:03 Updated: 29/Nov/2020 13:07

by Luke Edwards


Treyarch has responded to a new issue that is slowing down Black Ops Cold War solo zombies players from leveling up their weapons. They intend to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Players reported the exp growth on their weapons had become increasingly slow. Some experimentation from Reddit user MaharaDTD discovered that it wasn’t impacting public lobby players, but was rather isolated to solo players and those on high round grinds.

Some players reported their guns not leveling up at all between rounds 30 and 100, while others, who played predominantly in co-op lobbies, reported almost no change at all.

The issues come amid a double XP event which should be the perfect time to grind out Zombies games, though. These problems stem from Treyarch combating an XP exploit where players could restart lobbies over and over again to wrack up big amounts – and the knock on effect has been completely ruining games.

How to complete all Dark Ops challenges in Black Ops Cold War zombies
The iconic Treyarch Zombies mode has taken some twist in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch dev responds to Black Ops Cold War Zombies weapon XP issues

Treyarch dev Josh ‘Foxhound’ Torres announced that their team had confirmed the issue with limited XP growth, responding to the lengthy Reddit discussion with a handful of comments of his own.

“I spoke with the team, and we have identified an issue that was causing lower than intended Weapon XP in both solo Zombies matches and later Zombies rounds. We are looking to release a fix for both of these as soon as possible,” he said.

Torres also confirmed there will not be an extension to the 2XP weekend for zombies players, despite pressure from the community.

He said: “I shared what the team had to share, and then I kept them updated on the community sentiment and conversations. The team investigated and found actual issues. We’ll be fixing them, and we’ll have more 2XP events in the future.”

This means zombies players will need to wait patiently for the chance to grind 2XP boosts and upgrade their guns.