Infinity Ward reveal Modern Warfare fixes coming in Season Three


Joe Cecot, Co-Design Director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, has revealed a number of fixes that players can expect in Modern Warfare Season 3 when it drops on April 8. 

With Warzone currently dominating the Call of Duty scene, some fans have felt that regular multiplayer itself has been pushed to the backburner. However, the recent announcement of Season 3 has got fans of the most recent CoD installment relishing what is to come. 

While we don’t have final, confirmed details of the content that will drop on April 8, any big update will bring with it a plethora of bug fixes. Thankfully, Modern Warfare multiplayer designer Joe Cecot has confirmed a number of issues we can expect to see patched. 

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Warzone has already hit 30 million players.

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Modern Warfare Season Three fixes

Firstly, Cecot confirmed that a fix will be on its way for a bizarre tactical grenade glitch, which fails to give players a hit marker, even when they have hit an enemy. 

“Super weird glitch last night where I didn’t get a hitmarker or any indication when I stunned another player,” one Modern Warfare player said, “but killcam shows I definitely did hit him”. 

In response, Cecot stated that it’s not a glitch he’s seen before, but it’s one that’s now on Infinity Ward’s radar, and one we can expect to see patched in or before Season 3 commences. 

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Next up, Cecot confirmed that the Season 3 update will feature tuning for shotgun slugs. Slugs are a possible attachment to a host of Modern Warfare’s shotguns. They drastically increase a weapon’s range, but rely on improved accuracy on the user’s behalf. 

One Modern Warfare player asked Cecot if tuning is in store, after a video on the Modern Warfare subreddit showed some bizarre inaccuracies in the slugs, despite the user’s crosshairs being precisely on an enemy. 

“I believe changes are in [the] Season 3 update,” Cecot simply responded.

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Finally, Cecot confirmed fixes are coming to the purchasing of bundles. Users have recently experienced difficulties when purchasing bundles, particularly the Ghost bundle on Xbox One. In response, Cecot simply confirmed that the errors are “being worked on”.   

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It’s important to remember that the Season 3 update will probably cause a number of bugs, as well as fixing them. However, Cecot’s swift responses reflect IW’s efforts to make Modern Warfare as bug free as possible.

For a full list of the bugs Infinity Ward are working on, you can check out their dedicated Modern Warfare Trello board

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