Octane explains why CoD 2021 leaks sound “fantastic” for CDL

Jacob Hale
Seattle Surge Octane excited about CoD 2021 World War 2 leaks

Sam ‘Octane’ Larew is arguably one of the best Call of Duty players in the world as a leading star in the CoD League — and he thinks the CoD 2021 leaks are showing a lot of promise for the future of the esport.

Sledgehammer’s 2017 effort, Call of Duty: World War II has had its fair share of critics. While at the time the game maybe didn’t receive the best reception, many believe that it was at least a reasonable game when looking back at it in hindsight.

On the competitive side of things, especially, it proved to be a very interesting year, which ended with one of the biggest surprise tournament victories in history as Evil Geniuses won Champs.

All in all, though, the gameplay itself was definitely solid, and Octane believes that should give competitive CoD fans hope looking into the future, judging by the recent leaks.

OpTic Octane at World War 2 champs
Octane’s World War II season didn’t end brilliantly, but he clearly enjoyed it.

In case you missed it, on February 17, leaks started to suggest that Sledgehammer Games would be working on CoD 2021, and it will once again be set in the World War 2 era.

This premise is definitely one that excites Octane, who had an individually strong year despite ending on a sour note with a T32 Champs placement under OpTic Gaming.

“What I’m looking for in that game is something very similar to WWII,” Octane explained. “I really hate the fact that I have to slide cancel to engage in gunfights… Sledgehammer had none of that cr*p in their game. They had dolphin diving and, even then, it kind of sucked.”

That wasn’t all, though. Octane went on to say that “getting rid of all that cr*p” would be “fantastic news for me and competitive CoD in general.”

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Octane is well aware that World War II as a game wasn’t perfect, though. He acknowledges that one of the main criticisms of the game was “boring looking” with a lot of grey, commending Treyarch’s more colorful efforts.

Finally, Octane remembers that WWII had “the best League Play system ever” — something Black Ops Cold War has come under fire for since they launched their version of it.

While opinions are split over the idea of another World War 2-themed Call of Duty title, Octane is clearly preparing for another year of dominance.

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