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Octane claims aBeZy is actually the best player in the CDL over Simp

Published: 11/Aug/2021 15:09

by Jacob Hale


With the CDL Playoffs right around the corner, the MVP debate is hotter than ever, as the best players in the world fight to win their team a world championship.

A number of players have had standout seasons during Black Ops Cold War, with players across Toronto Ultra, Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire and more individually putting on an absolute show for the fans.

The CDL’s official MVP nominations list includes Cellium, Simp, aBeZy, Shotzzy and Cammy, each of whom are proving themselves to be among the greatest.

For Octane, though, the decision lays entirely between the Tiny Terrors duo of Simp and aBeZy; and he’s already chosen his side.


For many, Simp has undoubtedly been the best player this season. His stats speak for themselves, with the highest KD in the league, and is almost always the best player on the map.

Octane, though, thinks his duo aBeZy has been the best player this season, thanks especially to being so dominant in his entry SMG role.

“I think Tyler’s [aBeZy’s] job is harder, and I think a lot of people have discredited that this season,” the Seattle Surge star explained. ‘From my personal opinion, playing Tyler and playing Chris [Simp], Tyler enables Chris so much more than you guys realize.”


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Octane explains that aBeZy is “super annoying” to play against and that while his and Simp’s roles are “polar opposites of each other,” they complement each other so well.

He also adds that the entry sub role isn’t normally one credited to players, but it is to aBeZy because he’ll run around and “challenge everything.”

While this opinion is bound to cause an insane amount of debate, it won’t be long before the official CDL MVP is crowned.