Nuketown ’84 gameplay & easter egg leaked in Black Ops Cold War


Several days before Nuketown ’84 is set to release in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, some players have already managed to gain access to the map, leaking both gameplay and a cool-looking easter egg.

With the Black Ops Cold War launch now firmly in the books, Call of Duty players are looking ahead to the next waves of new content: Nuketown ’84 and Season 1.

Nuketown ’84 is the fifth iteration of the iconic map in the main Black Ops sub-franchise, but, ahead of its release, some players glitched themselves inside and got to try it out for themselves.

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While the official artwork that’s already been released by Treyarch gave everyone a first look at the upcoming map, those who gained access early have already leaked a full set of gameplay.

As expected, the fundamental layout of Nuketown ’84 is pretty identical to all of the previous versions; both sides feature a two-story structure with a couple of vehicles in between.

Obviously, with BOCW having a Cold War era-themed setting, everything in this map follows suit, including the color scheme and some of the vandalism effects added to the houses’ walls.

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Nuketown '84 in Black Ops Cold WarTreyarch
While featuring a new theme, Nuketown ’84 still has almost the same structure as all of the previous iterations.

Nuketown ’84 Easter Egg

Treyarch always like to add another interesting layer to Nuketowns by integrating an easter egg that players can solve. In the BOCW version, if all of the mannequin heads are shot off in the allotted time, the entire map completely takes on a retro look.

The color-scheme features various shades of pink and blue, which actually apply to Operators and weapons as well, so your gun will turn dark blue as well.

Even explosions from lethal equipment blowing up results in a light blue flash, rather than the orange and yellow of flames, so overall, it’s quite the retro feel.

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When does Nuketown ’84 release in BOCW?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until Season 1 kicks off on December 10 to play Nuketown ’84; the map is actually being added a couple of weeks prior to that, on Tuesday, November 24.

It’ll be free to everyone on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, so make sure to try it out when it drops!

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