NICKMERCS slams eUnited’s aBeZy and other CoD players during Twitch rant

NICKMERCS | Enigma6 Group

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff had some choice words for Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris when he discussed the 19-year-old Call of Duty star during a recent Twitch stream.

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NICKMERCS may be best known for his Fortnite streams but he has deep roots in the competitive CoD scene and is well known and respected by the majority of professional players.

One name that won’t be on his Christmas card list, though, is eUnited’s aBeZy, who appears to have gotten on the bad side of the Twitch star at some point in the past.

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“When you spend enough time around somebody, you realize who they are,” Nick stated. “That kid’s a fucking asshole. He’s been an asshole his entire time on Call of Duty. He’s got very few friends and a lot of enemies.”

The streamer wasn’t finished there, though: “There’s a reason for that. You can’t just go around treating everybody like shit and expect everybody to be quiet about it. The kid’s a fucking prick. He’s always been a prick.”

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It’s not clear what happened to cause such a severe dislike between the two, but NICKMERCS makes it clear that nothing will be resolved until aBeZy apologizes to him.

“That mother fucker is a prick, and there’s a lot of them in the Call of Duty scene that are just like that man. They’re fucking assholes, and they always have been, everyone knows it,” the 100 Thieves streamer continued, sharing his thoughts about the scene as a whole.

It would seem that Nick’s opinions about aBeZy are not as widespread within the scene as he originally stated, though, as aBeZy’s teammate, Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson was quick to come to his aid on Reddit.

“I heard the story from Tyler himself. Tyler is the coolest kid and not an asshole at all. From what i heard, the story isn’t even bad,” suggesting that Nick might be over-exaggerating the situation.


Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price also reached out to Nick on Twitter, saying that the streamers statements came across as: “very toxic when your one of your biggest resentments of the COD community was how toxic it is.”

Nick simply responded by saying that ACHES “clearly didn’t know the kid.”