CoD players uninstall over NICKMERCS controversy as #IStandWithNICKMERCS trends

Kurt Perry
Nickmercs operator skin promotional art for MW2 and Warzone 2.

Some Call of Duty players are uninstalling MW2 and Warzone 2 in support of NICKMERCS after the streamer had his in-game bundle removed after his controversial Pride Month comments.

On June 8, NICKMERCS replied to a tweet discussing an anti-Pride Month protest in Glendale at a school board meeting, that some described as “anti-LGBT.”

This was followed by the content creator doubling down and defending his stance. He insisted that it’s not the place of a school to get involved with the subject matter.

In reaction to this, Call of Duty removed NICKMERCS’ bundle from MW2 and Warzone 2. This upset some CoD players who have responded by uninstalling the game in protest.

NICKMERCS supporters uninstall MW2 & Warzone 2

The hashtag #IStandWithNICKMERCS trended on Twitter with Call of Duty players uninstalling the game in protest against Activision. The protest saw both players and streamers alike take a stand against the Call of Duty publisher.

MFAM fan and fellow streamer, RICKMA, said, “This is where I uninstall all Activision & Call of Duty games/products. #MFAM #IStandWithNickmercs.”

Counter-Strike streamer m0E said, “I’m ok never playing cod again. f**k that sh*t.”

Content creator SantanaTheGuy said, “I stand with NICKMERCS. Leave our kids alone! This Cancel Culture is getting way out of hand!! But when a video game decides to start taking political sides instead of fixing the game you know well that ain’t right!”

“COD is dead to me! Nick said nothing wrong!” streamer Bruskiiz commented. “His comment wasn’t anti-LGBTQ and people are losing their minds. If you have an opinion about anything these days you’re labeled something ‘phobic’. Sad world we live in! I stand with NICKMERCS.”

“I stand with NICKMERCS,” said another streamer, EmacPlays. “Let kids be kids. School should be about Math, Science, History, etc. There is a time and place for everything and it’s not then.”

However, not all players took Nick’s side. Others have supported Activision’s decision, and others simply argue they had no choice.

“W! You love to see it Happy pride month!” one person responded to Activision’s announcement.

NICKMERCS himself has responded since his Operator got removed, but not in a way that directly calls out Activision for removing his skin bundle. He instead said that there “ain’t no hate in this heart” and thanked those who have stood by him.

However, this tweet also didn’t apologize for the tweet that put him in hot water, either.

The Tracer Pack: Nickmercs Operator Bundle was added to CoD on May 31. It cost 2,400 COD Points to purchase and contained two variants of a Nickmercs operator, the ‘Fate’ Sakin MG38 weapon blueprint, the ‘Plana’ Bryson 890 blueprint, and a variety of other miscellaneous cosmetics.

It is currently unknown if players that purchased the bundle will be given the opportunity to claim a refund. Ordinarily, bundles and CoD Points are not refundable, but this is a unique situation.