NICKMERCS ruthlessly trolls TimTheTatman in Warzone with map glitch


Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently dove back into the Warzone, but his iron sights weren’t set on enemy players. Instead, the content creator turned his attention to TimTheTatman. 

While NICKMERCS has doubled down on his stance regarding full-time streaming on Warzone, it didn’t take long for Nick to get up to his usual antics. Aside from picking up a number of impressive kills in his return games, the popular streamer quickly began to troll his fellow squadmate, TimTheTatman

Warzone is home to plenty of strange visual glitches and map exploits, but one of the most frustrating is Caldera’s various dead spots. These areas of the map can cause players to get stuck on the terrain, which can lead to some rather frustrating deaths. Well, this is exactly what happened to TimTheTatman. 

NICKMERCS trolls TimTheTatman in Warzone stream

NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan in WarzoneNICKMERCS/Activision
There are a number of spots where players can get stuck in Warzone’s Caldera map.

Despite Nick leaving Warzone for Apex Legends, the streamer enjoys coming back to the game every now and then. While his recent return has been far from smooth, the banter between TimTheTatman and cloakzy invariably has the whole squad in hysterics. 

However, this time, the antics seemed to start as soon as Nick and his team landed on the map. After successfully securing their guns and winning some early-game firefights, the squad began to rotate to the next position. 

Unfortunately, TimTheTatman quickly found himself unable to move after he got stuck between some rocks and trees. “I’m stuck, I think I found a dead spot. Can you get me a car, please?” 

Instead of responding to Tim’s plea for help, Nick quickly realized he could use this opportunity to troll his friend. “No, because that would be teaching you bad habits. You need to work yourself out of this. You got yourself into this, you’re going to get yourself out of this.” 

Tim began to furiously yell and let off a number of rounds towards Nick, which only made the situation even more comical. “I want to get out! Get me a f**king car, get me a car. I’m stuck! Guys please, I found a dead spot and I can’t get out.” 

After it became clear that Nick wasn’t going to help him, Tim began to desperately try to get himself unstuck. Whether it was Nick’s words of encouragement or sheer luck, the streamer eventually managed to escape. Tim then proceeded to unload a clip into Nick, much to the amusement of the rest of the squad. 

While Nick may no longer stream Warzone full-time, his fans were delighted that the chemistry between these two players was still as comical as ever. There are sure to be plenty more antics in his upcoming streams, so be sure to check them out.