Annoying Warzone texture bug turns Caldera into Roblox


A new Warzone bug is giving Xbox players low-quality graphics that makes Caldera resemble the N64 era of gaming and looks like a Roblox game.

Frustrating bugs and glitches have come and gone throughout Warzone’s lifespan. From a bizarre iron sights glitch that gives players an “incendiary” optic to bugged contracts that helps you level weapons insanely fast, players have learned to expect the unexpected when dropping into Caldera.

Now, fans are frustrated with a graphics glitch on consoles that make Warzone’s new map resemble what you’d expect when playing on an old N64 console, or playing Roblox.

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Warzone player Lowiizy posted a Reddit thread on January 22 of what looked like an N64 edition of the popular battle royale.

“N64 graphics on Xbox Series X… tired of this sh*t,” said the player, along with a 30-second clip showing the textures of the map not rendering in at all.

Lowiizy could even see other players inside buildings, as the structures had not loaded.

Others seem to be having the same issues as Lowiizy: “It’s like this every damn game for me to with invisible guns and scopes,” replied one player. “How the hell am I supposed to compete let alone have fun at all with these bugs and glitches man its a damn joke. They literally won’t fix f**king anything!”

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Player tenbones79 suggested turning off live texture download to fix the graphics issue: “I fixed this by disabling live texture download.” However, it was already turned off according to the original poster.

Some couldn’t help but joke about the situation: “N64 looked better in my opinion,” added one player. “I played that map on Roblox when I was little,” said another.

It doesn’t seem like all players are experiencing the issue, fortunately. But, like always, those affected will just have to hold out till the devs get around to fixing the problem.

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