NICKMERCS responds to questions about quitting Apex Legends for Warzone 2


Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently discussed his thoughts on Warzone ranked and whether he will quit Apex Legends for Warzone 2. 

Despite occasionally returning to Warzone for the odd stream, NICKMERCS has been vocal when it comes to voicing his distaste for the BR. The streamer famously left Warzone when the Vanguard integration update hit, and since then, Nick has been busy grinding Apex Legends

Those familiar with NICKMERCS’ streams will know just how much he loves Respawn’s BR, especially when it comes to the game’s ranked matches. However, with the arrival of Warzone 2, the streamer has now voiced his views on a competitive Warzone mode and when he will quit Apex Legends. 

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NICKMERCS on Warzone ranked and quitting Apex Legends

During his recent Apex Legends stream, Nick was asked about his views on Warzone ranked and when he’ll retire from Respawn’s BR. “Ranked Warzone, I feel like that sh*t is going to be really weird man,” said Nick. 

A Warzone ranked mode has been a highly requested feature ever since the game launched back in 2020, but the developers have yet to implement it. However, many Call of Duty fans are hopeful that Warzone 2 will finally see this mode added to the game. 

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Quite how it will function remains to be seen, but for now, Nick believes that a Warzone ranked mode would be rather strange, especially since the BR has only hosted competitive games via official tournaments. Of course, if a ranked Warzone mode did come out, then NICKMERCS fans would certainly be happy for more CoD content. 

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“Listen, I’m not saying that I’m going to quit Apex. I just know me, man, I know how I am. Like, when new games come out and sh*t, I like to try it out every now and then. As for currently, I’m so deep in Apex, it’s crazy – I can tell that I’m going to be here for a while. I don’t know how long that is, but there’s definitely a clock on it.”